Pictures of Items in The Trunk


Ida Belle Taylor

Died December 24, 1976

Milburn Taylor's Father Frank Taylor's Documents and Misc. - includes his 1903 Nebraska Pharmacy License and Marriage License

Milburn Taylor's Mother Ida Belle Taylor's Hand Written Book - of Names and Dates


Trunk of Ida Belle Taylor

Jewelry Box outside

Jewelry Box inside

Objects 1

some of the items are jewelry and a hanging scale

Objects 2

shoe hook, netting needles, pot scrubbing metal, and

a rolling pin with one handle cut off so it is used to stomp kraut

Metal Biscuit Box in Trunk used for holding pictures

Metal Cookie Box

School Autograph Writing Book

Basket and Book won in Spelling

Silver Ware

Old Neck Tie

Hand Fans

Iron and Hair Curler

Byron and Frank Taylor pictures combined

says: A Sronce

We think the Civil War metal stencil was for marking clothes

Ida Belle Taylor's Mother was Jemina Scronce (Sronce)

Jemina Scronce (Sronce) had an Uncle named Andrew J. Sronce who died during the Civil War

He was in the Union Army in both the 130th Regiment, Illinois Infantry and 13th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry

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