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July 2022

The purpose for this web page is to suggest the idea that the shorter the number of letters there are in a word, the longer the word has been in use. I suggest that many one to four letter words may date back to the time when man was a caveman. The shorter the word, the greater the odds that the word is older. There are different time frames each extending further back such as the bronze age, the Indo-European age, start of the farming age, the hunter gather age, caveman age and finally the Neanderthal age. A one or two letter words may date back to some of our ancestors such as tracing to the Neanderthals. The idea being that the more letters a word has, the shorter the time that the word has been in use. The shorter the word, the more common the word, the more likely the words appear to be words that one would expect to be longer in use. Examples of such words I came up with in a day as follows:

One Letter Words

About 2 words out of an unknown number

a, I

Two Letter Words

About 19 words out of an unknown number

me, my, ox, or, on, us, of, in, to, be, as, at, is, do, go, up, an, so, no

Three Letter Words

About 115 words out of an unknown number, only a fraction of these words are caveman words.

God, sun, son, man, mom, dad, leg, arm, hip, lip, eye, toe, gum, boy, ear, sex, die, fat, gas, hat, cap, oak, ash, elm, fig, nut, cup, pin, pen, tin, ice, hot, dry, new, old, age, ago, day, add, one, two, six, ten, red, tan, sea, sky, see, nap, cry, far, bee, log, tea, oil. pot, eat, pig, hog, cow, cat, dog, fox, pet, ape, web, map, key, ask, why, war, bow, bar, rod, low, sit, lay, way, run, row, tip, big, fun, bad, due, out, aid, row, way, mow, cut, saw, axe, ray, use, off, for, and, any, few, lot, the, was, are, all, how, may, now, but, our, can, has, too, put, did, not, yes, you,

Four Letter Words

About 270 words out of an unknown number, only a smaller fraction of these words are caveman words.

Lord, life, live, like, good, nice, love, hate, sole, mine, self, dead, tomb, rule, kill, male, wife, baby, girl, body, home, cave, fire, wind, heat, land, lake, each, zero, four, five, nine, east, west, coat, belt, rope, shoe, boot, food, dish, bowl, bone, meat, pork, deer, goat, mule, lamb, bird, wing, fish, pike, clam, worm, frog, mole, milk, seed, beer, corn, flax, reed, spit, tree, palm, bark, root, leaf, wood, sage, iron, rock, sand, clay, soil, dirt, melt, snow, rain, well, cold, dark, blue, moon, star, mile, road, turn, tour, mine, wild, talk, said, team, trip, trap, wrap, warp, tank, shot, hole, tool, take, rule, lead, hurt, pain, give, cart, sank, side, form, chop, book, knot, draw, mark, spot, stop, sing, clap, play, call, talk, yell, chew, sold, sort, tall, look, time, hour, year, date, skin, hair, neck, face, hand, nail, back, foot, nose, head, hear, tear, fork, soak, sink, lock, slug, rope, tail, hoof, flee, walk, path, lane, race, soft, hard, easy, wear, knit, team, flow, move, town, city, path, wall, rose, lime, soap, case, word, note, fast, slow, fund, wild, wish, wave, view, drag, pull, work, loan, bill, from, come, deep, drug, dope, dumb, trim, mill, coin, dime, land, hill, high, long, down, boat, sail, ship, shop, show, vote, firm, base, sold, cost, line, part, such, this, that, than, read, page, list, book, data, noun, verb, tone, cord, name, idea, fact, tale, idol, pray, fear, same, able, mean, real, with, want, when, what, will, camp, army, find, fine, fail, into, very, here, also, upon, know, seem, some, only, more, most, much, have, less, many, both, help,

How do the four different levels of words differ and how are they similar?

About 406 total words out of an unknown number

The one and two letter words to me are more relationship and not referring to objects. The three letter words start to refer to objects. The four letter words are referring more to objects. A five letter word list would have been a lot larger, much more difficult and I do not think they would have been as old a word list. Tthe Indo-European age would not go as far back and have five or more letter words such as horse, wagon and wheel. To me each smaller level refers further back in time and more caveman words like. There words evolved over time. One caveman word list on the internet lists not, what, hear, man, flow, ash, worm, mom. Another internet list has not, what, hear, man, flow, ash, worm, mom, give, fire, old, pull, no, spit, in, this, to ,me, that, off, the, and.

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