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Rev. Thomas Picton letter from America to Cousin


unknown - only end of letter

Cardiganshire left the seminary in May, and is about to settle as pastor of a church at Wilmington in the state of Delaware.

My son and all his family were in usual health, a short time ago. his two oldest boys are married, and each has a daughter.

I her frequently from Thomas Marsden's family. His daughter is a regular correspondent of mine. His oldest daughter Mary is married, and lives in the state of Michigan near Saginaw Bay. The other children are living near home. As far as I can judge, they all promise well. They desire to be remembered to you and all relations.

The present has been a remarkable year in our American churches. Three particulars marked the Revival with which we have been favored.

1.It was very general in all parts of the country.

2. It was attended with very little extravagance and noise.

3. There was no violent opposition to it. We hope the benefits of it may be reaped for many years. But we must expect that the Archenemy will use his devices to counteract its good influence.

As we expected to return to Hoboken early in the spring, I left your letter there. I cannot now recollect its contents, and you will excuse me if I have failed to touch upon topics which you desired.

Give my love to all your families to children and Grand children. Let me hear again from you when convenient. If I live I hope to write you a better letter than this scrawl.

With my prayer for your welfare.

I remain

Your affectionate cousin

Thomas Picton

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