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Memories of Sam Picton

The following are stories that my father Sam Picton related to me, Owen Picton

Sam Picton was the grandson of Stephen Picton.

When Sam Picton was young he hauled grain by horse and wagon from the Welsh settlement located across the state line in Kansas to Rulo, Nebraska. On the way he would pass an Indian grave yard. The Indians placed their dead up in the air on platforms held up by poles.There was a coal mine in a bluff south of Rulo, Nebraska. One time when he was young he went back into the coal mine.

When he was young he used to go ice skating on the Missouri River by Rulo. He said a lot of people would gather and the ice was frozen so hard that some people drove their cars onto the ice. The river was at that time about 3 times as wide and much slower than it is today because it was before the time that the government had worked on the river.

The following is how they made chewing tobacco on the Nebraska - state line near Rulo. First, grow the tobacco. After harvesting the tobacco, partly split a wood log but leave the wedge in the log. Next, molasses is smeared onto the tobacco leafs and then the tobacco leaf is stuffed into the split log. Next, remove the wedge from the log and let it clamp shut. After the tobacco plug is cured, split the log and now you have chewing tobacco.

How to keep water in an outside animal drinking tank from freezing before the age of electricity:

They lived in Northern Kansas. Sam Picton my father said they would surround and cover the tank with fresh horse manure but leave just enough space for the animal to drink. The fresh horse manure would produce enough heat to keep the ice from forming. It had to be fresh horse manure because manure from other kinds of animals do not produce as much heat and ice would form.

1929-1930 Post Card

Written by Samuel Picton

On trip home from vacation to California taken by himself and his parents

Samuel Picton and Martha Roesch Wedding Invitation

September 11, 1935

Samuel Picton and Martha Roesch Wedding

September 11, 1935

Samuel Picton Obituary

July 22, 1984

Martha Picton Obituary

July 3, 1987

Drill Oil Well

Samuel Picton Obituary

July 22, 1984

Why I Like My Farm Home - Article

by Martha (Roesch) Picton, age 15

Why I Like My Farm Home

by Martha (Roesch) Picton, age 15

Shore School Article

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