Brian Swann

Brian Picton Swann is the ISOGG Regional Co-ordinator and England & Wales-For more about ISOGG and go to Brian Swann -click here

Brian Swann

Brian Swann has been involved with family history since 1967 and is a founder member of the Norfolk, West Surrey and Dyfed FHS, as well as a member of the Society of Genealogists (1972) and the Guild of One-Name Studies (2009). He began involvement with DNA testing for family history purposes in 2000, and more seriously from early 2006. He also worked in and around the pharmaceutical industry in his day job in various roles for 40 years until retirement in 2011.

He worked for Eli Lilly for 23 years (1971-1994) at their European R&D Centre, and in 1980 he was involved in a small way with firstly the final preparation for injection, and then, secondly, in the very first human volunteer trial of any pharmaceutical product made by recombinant DNA technology (human insulin). His one claim to a bit of real history! He spent two years helping to register dose forms of human insulin and human growth hormone from 1992-1994, and spent his time from 2002 to 2011 working for a CRO on getting regulatory approvals to run clinical trials around three-quarters of the globe. So that involved everything from start-up biotech companies to the mainstream pharmaceutical companies.

He has been a member of ISOGG since late 2006, and helped get the enlarged DNA Area into WDYTYA in 2009.

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