Jacob Roesch Family Pictures

Jacob Roesch with 4 grandchildren

The picture of Jacob Roesch with 4 of his grandchildren - I would guess was taken in 1900. The boys are Edward Fischer and Fred Fischer. I think the 2 baby girls are Lena Roesch and Alma Grossoehmig because both were born in 1899 ( I think Lena is the baby on the left). Edward Fischer was born Apr 1898. To me Edward looks like he was about 2 (I think he is wearing a baby dress). I do not think any other grandchildren were born until 1901

Think first 5 Roesch grandchildren

The picture of 5 children - I would guess was taken in 1902. We think the 2 boys are Fred and Edward Fischer, Lena Roesch I guess is in the center (she looks more like 2), the two baby's would be Fred Roesch born Nov 1901 and Ann Grossoehmig born about 1902. By this time Alma Grossoehmig was dead because she died in 1901. I would guess the picture was taken before Mary Grossoehmig was born in about 1903.

The Roesch Sisters

(L-R) Lydia Grossachmig, Anna Jannsen, and Lena Huettner

Anna (Roesch) Jannsen and baby

Bill and Mary (Roesch) Fischer & family

(L-R) Bill Fischer, Fred Fischer, Mary (Roesch) Fischer, Edward Fischer - baby

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