Jacob Roesch Family Pictures

Jacob and Christina Roesch Family

(L-R) Children - Mary, Lydia, Henry, Lena, and Anna

Lydia and Lena were Twins

Christina (Rapp) Roesch wife of Jacob Roesch

Jacob Roesch - about 1904 in Germany

Jacob Roesch - about 1904 in Germany

(L-R) Jacob Roesch, Katherine, his twin William

The picture was taken in Germany around 1904, when Jacob Roesch went back to Germany to visit his relatives. His sister Katherine. His twin brother William died about a year after this picture was taken.

Great Grandpa Jacob Roesch with his son and daughters

seating: (L-R) Henry Roesch and his father Jacob Roesch

standing: I think this sequence (L-R) Lydia, Lena, Mary and Anna

First two are the twins Lydia and Lena

Roesch sisters become Lydia Grossoehmig, Lena Huettner, Mary Fischer and Anna Janssen

Grandpa Henry Roesch with his sisters

I think this sequence (L-R) Lena, Lydia, Mary, Henry and Anna

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