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from Brian Picton Swann

Dear Mr Swann,

Thank you for your e-mail. I have checked the Protheroe V manuscript, where the Martin pedigree is on folio 79. the entry is somewhat unclear and expresses doubts about the correct descent of this family, as there are corrections and crossings-out. A slightly clearer version of the same pedigree can be examined in the later manuscript Protheroe XV, a copy of Edwardes’s manuscript in the hand of =dmund Pryce (died 1774).

In Protheroe XV pp. 227-8, then, we find a pedigree of the Martin family. This includes a descent from Sir William Martin, knight, Lord of Kemeys, alive temp. Henry III, married =ngharad daughter of Lord Rees. The main line descends via his eldest son, to William Martin, Lord of Kemeys (died 19 Edward II), who married Margaret daughter of John Hastings. He had two daughters: Joan married first to Henry Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, and second to Nicholas, Lord Audley; and Eleanor, married to Philip Columbers.

A junior branch of this family is also shown, which seems to descend from Sir William Martin’s third son David Martin, Bishop of Menevia (St David’s). Thence to William Martin, who married Margaret daughter of Robert Marlos. Their son William Martin married Margaret daughter of William Dyer, and had issue a son William.

I hope that this is helpful. Do let me know when you are likely to want to return to the College to work on the manuscripts again; depending on the approval of the College we may be able to arrange some time in the Students’ room.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter O'Donoghue

Bluemantle Pursuivant

College Queen Victoria Street

London EC4V 4BT

020 7332 0776

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