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This website is an to attempt to understand what my Picton ancestors viewed, felt, and experienced in Pembrokeshire starting in the 1100's. I took this journey during February and March of 2004. Additional pictures were taken while attending the Picton Reunion during the last week of June, 2015. It is believed that Pictons and their descendants have lived near Picton Castle or within view of the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshore until the present time. I try to give a view and feel of what they experienced.

Most say there are three branches of Picton's in Pembrokeshire. Much of this pictorial deals with those from the North Pembrokeshire branch who were "The Picton's of Newport and Nevern". The other two branches are the Pictons of Haverfortwest and the Pictons of Poyston. Everyone feels the three branches are related but no one has been able to tie them together.

I felt on this journey that I would be able to find a few locations where my Picton ancestors lived such as towns but I had no idea that even the farms names still exist. An additional comment: If the Picton's have been here 100's of years then through there wives ancestors, I ask why not 1000's. The 5,500 year old burial chambers had to to built by someone. The Demetae Tribe is the name of the Celtic tribe of people who lived in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire about 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. Look who our ancestors were. We have descendants of the Demetae Tribe, the Romans, the Irish when they invaded, the Vikings, the Normans, the Flemish from Flanders and the English all mixed up into one mixing pot of ancestors. Amateur metal detectorists are finding thousands of Bronze and Iron Hoards in Great Britain including Wales left by ancient people who lived here.

There is a Roman Gold Mine that has been in Carmarthenshire for an estimated 3,000 years. First the native Welsh people mined gold, then the Romans came 2,000 years ago and mined gold for 500 years, and finally in the 1800's and early 1900's gold was mined. To travel to the old Roman gold mine, we took the highway from St. Clear to Carmarthen, then North to Plumsaint. The Dolaucothi Gold Mine is near the town of Plumsaint and has Roman Gold Mine Tours.

I began by taking a trip to Wales. I first rented a car, left London at 9 AM and headed for Pembrokeshire, Wales. The sun was out all day. This is the first time I have ever driven a car in the British Isles. I arrived in Pembrokshire in the afternoon. Then still in the afternoon, I decided to drive over to see Picton Castle.

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In Pembrokeshire they both speak Welsh which is a Celtic language and English.All signs are in Welsh and English. I have the English name for many of the genealogy places I wish to visit, but I have to have it translated to Welsh because that is the name on the map. Example: Monk Mill is Cwnfelin Mynach, Whitechurch is Eglwswen. The place my ancestors came from is in a more Welsh speaking area so people talk to each other often in Welsh. It may be that speaking Welsh was a form of protest against the English. I think the more Welsh that is spoken, the more likely they are to attend non conformist churches which are more likely Baptist. It was a joy to talk to the people in Pembrokeshire because they were always so kind, helpful and trying to look out for my best interests.

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