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Owen Picton

December 2017


Another year has passed and I will be 81 years old by the end of this month. During April and May, I sold my house in Ashland, packed up, rented an apartment in Blair, NE and moved to Blair. My new address is:

Owen Picton

451 S 16th ST., Apt 116

Blair, NE 68008

Last January and February, I again spent at South Padre Island in Texas. In March, I vacationed at Kauai, Hawaii with my sisters and their husbands plus my niece Lisa. The place I rented was an apartment at the old Central School that my sons David and Stephen had attended. My apartment has no steps, is three blocks from downtown and across the street from the Court House. In July, I took a flight to Chicago for Zachary's 16th birthday. I was with both Stephen and David's families at my sisters for Thanksgiving. Next month will be the fifth winter for me to spend January and February at South Padre Island since Lila has past away.

Stephen, Kelly and family live in Chicago. Zachary is a Junior and taller than I am. They are starting to visit colleges for Zachary (who is a Junior) to select. Zachary and Anna are both growing and getting tall.

David, Cindy and family live near Blair on the acreage where Dianne and I used to live. Martha, Kathryn and Paul are growing and also getting tall. I watch Martha swim, Kathryn play volleyball and Paul play basketball all at the YMCA.

Lila's son Corey and wife Sarah live at Sidney, Nebraska where Corey is pastor of the Methodist Church. They are both doing well. Lila's daughter Suzanne and Granddaughter Kirsten purchased a house and live at Lincoln, Nebraska. They are both doing fine.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Owen Picton

Owen Picton family

L. to R.: Kelly, Anna, Zachary, Stephen, Owen, Paul, Martha, Cindy, Kathryn and David

(Stephen's family on left and David's family on right)


Owen Picton

451 S 16th ST., Apt 116

Blair, Nebraska 68008



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