Mary Idol 7-18-1927 Letters

Two 1927 letters send in the same envelope and written by an ink pen and most likely they used an ink blotter to prevent the ink from smearing. I am sure they did not use a ball point pen because ball point pens were not around until about the time I graduated from high school in 1955.

Mary Idol had been teaching school at Little Chapel School across the road from my Roesch Granparents. Mary Idol roomed with my Roesch Grandparents. Mary Idol, Martha Roesch and Lena Roesch became good friends. I have a pictue of Martha Roesch, Henry Roesch, Mary Idol taken on top of the old Woodman of the World Building in Omaha in 1929. Then on September 3, 1930 Mary Idol married my Mothers brother Henry Roesch and my parents first met at the wedding.

Martha (Roesch) Picton is the Mother of Owen Picton and Mary Idol is a Granddaughter of Henry and Mary Biddle also Mary Idol is the Mother of Harold Roesch. Harold Roesch had these letters.

Mary Idol was attending summer school at Emporia, Kansas so that she could continue teaching at Little Chapel School. They sent this letter to her while she was there.

The letters show that Mary and Edward Schmidt were married by this time. Edgar Roesch had not been well but was getting stronger (I did not realize that Edgar must have been sickly when he was young). Edgar, Wilber and Walter Roesch were still young and learning to ride a bicycle. I think the niece of Mary Idol referred to in the letter would be Imogene Myers who was born in 1926. Fred Roesch was not married yet. This was the time of year farmers worked on threshing crews to harvest grain. Lena Roesch would help prepare the food for the threshing crew when they come at the end of the week to harvest my Grandfathers grain. Grandmother Roesch was canning beets that day. They had ripe tomatoes and peaches.

Cathy Ebmeier mentioned that her Dad (Edgar Roesch): "talked about being sickly as a boy and having to miss a year of school. They thought he had pernicious anemia and he had to eat some portion of raw liver daily as the treatment. Didn't leave a fond memory with him. It may have been misdiagnosed, but that is what he was told."

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