Picton of Carew Overview I

by Brian Picton Swann

The history of this Picton of Carew family was that I began work on the branch which led down to Richard John Picton (page 2), who died in 1977. But he never married - so that line ended with him.

I then spent a long time reconstructing the line from George and Levi Picton on page 1 - only to find that I had just missed the candidate was trying to contact - Edward Nevill Picton, as he had died in 2007.

I then found out about this branch of the family descended from the youngest son, James Picton. His only son, Thomas Picton, emigrated to Washington State in 1888 -- and have tracked down the last living male descendant of that branch (Richard H. Picton).

The only branch of this family I had not by now thoroughly explored now was the line from the son William Picton - who moved out from Pembrokeshire to London. Research in London is always difficult, and I have had to plough through many volumes of BMD Indexes again - but have been helped, just now, with the 1911 Census going online - so I have managed to reconstruct much of this branch of the family, more or less.

Again several branches have run into seeming dead-ends -- but I have a number of people now, picked out in yellow, who look potential DNA candidates. I have yet to find their current locations and addresses -- but there are enough options here to look promising.

The two sons of Sydney Picton (1889-1969) were quite poignant to find - they were both killed in W.W.II on active service in the RAF. em>

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