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The search for lost treasure is half the fun. This search for lost treasure requires one to obtain permission before going on the property. Also, one must not do any damage. I have not verified how true any of these websites are.

Tales of Lost Treasure and Ghost Towns in Nebraska- is by County. The counties that are underlined have lost treasure or ghost towns.

Book Named: 10 Treasure Legends! Nebraska- about Lost Gold, Hidden Hoards and Fantastic Fortunes in Nebraska

Many different Lost Treasure Robbery Stories- One about Sam Bass robing a train at Big Springs, Nebraska

World Lost Treasures- From Wikipedia

Knights Templar Lost Treasures-on National Geographic

Copper Scroll-Found in the Qumran caves, part of the Dead Sea Scrolls and list a treasure

Reading plants and trees to find gold. This is based on tree growth being stunted by minerals that tree roots encounter in the soil. Some of such minerals are gold, silver, heavy metals and salts. Different minerals affect trees differently (look at the leaves). A grove of trees with a couple being shorter may be an indicator on where to look.. Gold may make the trees more reddish. Silver may make the trees more blueish. Salt will kill a tree. Look at the roots. Damaged roots on one side of a tree may point to a mineral vein.

(On youtube and next the book on Wikipedia discussion)

And book on Wikipedia: De re metallica by Georg Bauer, written in 1556

Book (Chapter) II talks about reading plants. I question how helpful this book would be?

The book was translated from Spanish to English by President Herbert Hoover in 1905

Copies of Herbert Hoover translation are on sale from Amazon



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