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Do a google or/and Youtube search for: wwii stalag XII-A Limburg To find information areas were Wilbur Roeash was held prisoner. You try it. Examples Below - please click on them: › History Now look at pictures of Stalag XII-A

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This article talks about the December 23rd, 1944 air raid attack where Wilbur Roesch was buried alive and injured by a bomb blast, many Americans died that night at Stalag XIIA.

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Museum Items

I wish to thank Glenda (Roesch) Nelson (daughter of Wilbur Roesch) for providing this museum information.

Richardson County Historical Museum, 1401 Chase St, Falls City, NE, 68355 USA Phone:402-245-4407

Go to Military Room (have following)

    • Wilbur Roesch Military Uniform and Boots

    • Wilbur Roesch pictures

    • Wilbur Roesch manual typewriter used to type this book

Nebraska History Museum, 131 Centennial Mall N, Lincoln, NE, 68508 USA Phone:402-471-4782

On museum webpage, go to Menu, go to Collections Search, then go select Objects; then enter Roesch and hit search. Six Roesch items are listed, with 5 World War II items used by Wilbur Roesch of Falls City, Nebraska while a German prisoner of war. Click on each item for more detail. May need to phone and ask how to do this.

Richardson County Courthouse, 1700 Stone Street # 205, Falls City, NE, 68355 USA Phone:402-245-2911

    • German paper money from Wilbur Roesch

    • Gun shells from Wilbur Roesch

    • May be additional things from his brother Edgar Roesch

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Life as a Prisoner of War - by Wilbur Roesch

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