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I started this year (January, February and March) by spending it at South Padre Island, Texas. This has been a good and exciting year. I am still alive. doing well and am turning 86 at the end of this year. I plan on spending 10 days in Belize in January and from January 20th to March 3rd I will be spending it at South Padre Island.

This summer I tried to get out as much as possible by going over to different parks in Blair and walking on their paths. The Missouri River watching was closed this year but I have hopes for next year. It continues to become more difficult for me to walk any great distance.

My two sons (David and Stephen) are still able to work mostly at home online and both they and their families are doing well. David at Blair, NE and Stephen at Brookfield, IL. They may both have to started driving to work more but mostly it is still at home online.

My son Stephen, daughter-in-law Kelly and my Grandchildren Zachary and Anna are doing well. Granddaughter Anna is in her Senior year in high school at Brookfield, IL. She is busy visiting different colleges and one has invited her into there honors program. Grandson Zachary is taking a little time off from college, has a job, has an apartment and lives in Chicago, IL. Kelly continues to be in charge of preschool for the City of Brookfield.

My son David, daughter-in-law Cindy and my Grandchildren Martha, Kathryn and Paul continue to live on an acreage at Blair, Nebraska where I used to live many years ago. Martha is a Junior in high school and was inducted into the National Honor Society this fall. Kathryn is in 'Show Choir', a Sophomore in high school and raising animals such as rabbits and goats. Paul is in the seventh grade. They are all doing well in school. They ride the school bus to school and attend classes at the Blair School System.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Owen Picton

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