Following from a Book About the Town of Graben, Germany

Written in German and Starting on I think Page 318 for 6 Pages

Lists Where People Settled in the World When They Left Graben

These pages show about 40 or more families and individuals coming from Graben, Germany and listed as settled in Richardson County Nebraska or near by in the 1800's (which includes Falls City, Barada, Arago, Verdon, Rulo and Salem all in Richardson County Nebraska plus Hamlin, Kansas). Additionally, people also immigrated from nearby towns in Germany to this area. I have heard estimated that about a third of the people in Falls City are related and do not know it for this reason.

It has been reported that the families were part of a group of families from the same area and the same church who had made plans to move from Graben to America. Eventually there were about 30 or 40 families involved; but they came over in groups of 3 or 4 families at a time. The ones who went over first sent word back about the great opportunities and the healthy climate in America. Most were farmers. Many settled in an area about seven miles north of Falls City, Nebraska because the land was great for farming. As each family came over the ones already here would help them get started. They provided a place for the newcomers to stay in their homes and as the newcomers got a home of their own, they would give them a cow so they could have milk and butter and they gave them chickens so they would have eggs. They had all moved to the same area so they could help each other.

Rev. Gerhart Janssen came from Graben to this area and married Annie Roesch, daughter of my Great Grandfather Jakob Friedr. Rösch. Rev. Gerhart Janssen had been the Pastor of the Lutheran Church in Graben, Germany. He became the Pastor for the group over here when he came to America. Rev. Gerhart Janssen would hold church every Sunday in the different farm homes or sometimes outside under the trees. They spoke only the German language in church. Eventually, a church was built.

Page 1

Page 2

Lists August Herbster a second cousin to my Great Grandfather Jakob Friedr. Rösch

I think the next Herbster is Reinhard Herbster who is the husband of Christina Zimmermann a sister of my Grandmother

Page 3

Page 4

Lists Jakob Friedr. (Roesch) Rösch family of 7 in 1879 to Falls City, Neb

(My Great GrandParents and there family)

Page 5

Page 6

Lists Friedrich Zimmermann and family of 6 in 1887 to Salem, Neb

Lists Wilhelm Zimmermann son of Friedrich Zimmermann to Salem, Neb

(Friedrich Zimmermann is my Great Grandfather and his family)

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