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MEMORIES - Through The Years - by (My Mother) Martha Eliza Picton (1907-1987)

Life as a Prisoner of War - by Wilbur Roesch (My Uncle)

Stephen Picton (1825-1896) in a Historical Context- Related to Local Kansas Information and Nearby Welsh Immigration Stories (My Great Grandfather)

Stephen Picton Family Immigration from Wales to Kansas- by Mrs. Lewis Morgan, 1957 (revised by Owen Picton)

Internet Sources for Local History - Some in areas of Eastern Kansas and Eastern Nebraska and the World

Steps Necessary to Create The Holy Bible- (or Development of Writing) by Owen Picton

How Three Biddle Brothers - Nicholas Biddle, Major Thomas Biddle and Major John Biddle and other Biddle family members played roles of Westward Expansion in the United States - This deals with how these three brothers are connected to the history along the Missouri River around Ft. Calhoun, Neraska near where I live. These Three Biddle Brothers are second cousins to Jonathan Biddle. Jonathan Biddle was the Grandfather of my ancestor Henry Biddle.

William Biddle (1633-1711) Information about a book on William Biddle

Henry Biddle (1841-1920) in a Historical Context- My Great Grandfather - His daughter Mattie (Biddle) Picton was married to My Grandfather Owen Picton

Story of My Life - by Anna Cook (1895-1981) - (The Life of Anna Cook) Typed and edited by her Granddaughter Rev. Dianne Picton

Family Anthrax and Death of Dianne Picton's Grandfather August Cook - by Anna Cook - Typed and edited by Rev. Dianne Picton

Mision Luterana San Pablo- 1993 Congregation Picture Book - Made while Dianne Picton did her one year of Seminary Internship at San Pablo Lutheran Church

Family Story - Early Living in Nebraska - About Lena (Roesch) Huettner and her daughter Christine in Richardson County Nebraska - Lena was a sister to my Grandfather Henry Roesch Sr. and the Aunt of my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton

Zimmerman Family Story - Life in Germany - Latter part of 1800's - As Remembered by Eliza (Zimmerman) Hey - Sister to my Grandmother Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch and Aunt to my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton

Memories of the Past by Irvin Schmidt Brother-in-law to Fred Roesch and Mary (Roesch) Schmidt. Fred Roesch and Mary (Roesch) Schmidt are brother and sister of my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton

Butterfly Sermon- by Rev. Dianne Picton

Diary of CC Jenkins- Grandfather of Charles Luther Jenkins and Great Grandfather of Rev. Corey Jenkins [My second wife Lila (Taylor) Picton is the Mother of Rev. Corey Jenkins]

Beckelhymer Autograph Book - Years about 1887 - Believed Created by Lila (Taylor) Picton's Great Grandmother Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lavina (Beckelhymer) Barnhart

Barnhart Autograph Book - Years about 1894 - Created by Lila (Taylor) Picton's Great Grandmother Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lavina (Beckelhymer) Barnhart

Nature- Spider Web Pictures taken by Owen Picton

Lost Treasure - Lost treasures of Nebraska and the world by Owen Picton

Ancestors of Humanity - This is my DNA understanding by Owen Picton

Caveman Words by Owen Picton-

If you like these life stories, articles, displays, and diary's; would you consider making a donation to a church or religious affiliated non profit institution or to Space Exploration through a Foundation or other non profit institution (initially for Moon Exploration). Do this in the memory of my first wife Dianne Picton or one of the other people indicated. I put these written memories together because I was afraid they were going to be lost to mankind.

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