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Stephen Picton Family Tree - Green Book - by Owen Picton

MEMORIES - Through The Years - by (My Mother) Martha Eliza Picton (1907-1987)

Life as a Prisoner of War - by Wilbur Roesch (My Uncle)

Stephen Picton (1825-1896) in a Historical Context- Related to Local Kansas Information and Nearby Welsh Immigration Stories (My Great Grandfather)

Stephen Picton Family Immigration from Wales to Kansas- by Mrs. Lewis Morgan, 1957 (revised by Owen Picton)

Internet Sources for Local History - Some in areas of Eastern Kansas and Eastern Nebraska and the World

Steps Necessary to Create The Holy Bible- (or Development of Writing) by Owen Picton

Most Important Family in America - This is my Biddle ancestor family. This deals with Biddle brothers, sisters and cousins and the major roles they played in making them the most important Family in America during the Revolution and Westward Expansion. My ancestor Arney Biddle gave his life in the American Revolution and was a part of this. It additionally includes many Biddle family members plus three brothers Nicholas Biddle, Major Thomas Biddle and Major John Biddle. These three brothers are connected to the history along the Missouri River around Ft. Calhourn, Nebraska and Washington County, Nebraska near where I live. These Three Biddle Brothers are second cousins to Jonathan Biddle and first cousin once removed to Arney Biddle. Jonathan Biddle was the Grandfather of my Great Grandfather ancestor Henry Biddle

William Biddle (1633-1711) Information about a book on William Biddle

Henry Biddle (1841-1920) in a Historical Context- My Great Grandfather - His daughter Mattie (Martha Biddle) Picton was married to My Grandfather Owen Picton

Story of My Life - by Anna Cook (1895-1981) - (The Life of Anna Cook) Typed and edited by her Granddaughter Rev. Dianne Picton

Family Anthrax and Death of Dianne Picton's Grandfather August Cook - by Anna Cook - Typed and edited by Rev. Dianne Picton

Mision Luterana San Pablo- 1993 Congregation Picture Book - Made while Dianne Picton did her one year of Seminary Internship at San Pablo Lutheran Church

Family Story - Early Living in Nebraska - About Lena (Roesch) Huettner and her daughter Christine in Richardson County Nebraska - Lena was a sister to my Grandfather Henry Roesch Sr. and the Aunt of my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton

Zimmerman Family Story - Life in Germany - Latter part of 1800's - As Remembered by Eliza (Zimmerman) Hey - Sister to my Grandmother Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch and Aunt to my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton

Life of Lena Roesch daughter of Henry and Mary (Zimmermann) Roesch by Owen Picton

Memories of the Past by Irvin Schmidt Brother-in-law to Fred Roesch and Mary (Roesch) Schmidt. Fred Roesch and Mary (Roesch) Schmidt are brother and sister of my Mother Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton

Butterfly Sermon- by Rev. Dianne Picton

Diary of CC Jenkins- Grandfather of Charles Luther Jenkins and Great Grandfather of Rev. Corey Jenkins [My second wife Lila (Taylor) Picton is the Mother of Rev. Corey Jenkins]

Beckelhymer Autograph Book - Years about 1887 - Believed Created by Lila (Taylor) Picton's Great Grandmother Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lavina (Beckelhymer) Barnhart

Barnhart Autograph Book - Years about 1894 - Created by Lila (Taylor) Picton's Great Grandmother Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lavina (Beckelhymer) Barnhart

Nature- Spider Web Pictures taken by Owen Picton

Lost Treasure - Lost treasures of Nebraska and the world by Owen Picton

Ancestors of Humanity - This is my DNA understanding by Owen Picton

Caveman Words by Owen Picton-

If you like these life stories, articles, displays, and diary's; would you consider making a donation to a church or religious affiliated non profit institution or to Space Exploration through a Foundation or other non profit institution (initially for Moon Exploration). Do this in the memory of my first wife Dianne Picton or one of the other people indicated. I put these written memories together because I was afraid they were going to be lost to mankind.

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