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Picton Pedigree Chart taken from the Bronwydd MS at the Carmarthen Record Office. The Bronwydd MS were compiled in about 1765 and in this case are copies of Welsh pedigrees in the Protheroe Collection at the College of Arms compiled by David Edwardes around 1685. Although there are few dates on this MS it is possible to assign dates to the individuals from contemporary documents which survive. This places Philip Picton to around 1260/1280 and the individuals at the bottom of the pedigree to around the second half of the seventeenth century.

    • Index of the Bronwydd - information provided by Brian Picton Swann

Access Picton Family Branches

Below are known Picton families with origins in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. They are believed descendant from Philip de Picton born about 1260 and lived at Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Advenae Pembr. at the top of the pedigree was used by the heralds to show that the families were of non-native Welsh origin, and so had emigrated into Wales some time after the Norman conquest of 1066. Advenae is a difficult word to translate - but is approximately a "foreigner". Welsh pedigrees can therefore be divided into native Welsh pedigrees and those of advenae.

Old Picton Pedigree Chart - Drawn in about the 1600's - Refers to the Picton family as The "Advenae" meaning foreigner.

Old Picton Chart Discussion - The above very old chart includes both Sir William Picton with his daughter Joan who was married to Sir John Wogan and Philip Picton with his wife Maud Dyer.

Maud Dyer - wife of Philip Picton- from Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Summary of Picton Family Pedigree Accounts

(0) Picton of Newport and Nevern -- Northern Picton Branch, 1250-1700.

(0) Picton of Whitechurch and Trelech -- Northern Branch, 1650-present day.

      • Ancestors of Owen Picton born about 1584 - This is a Celtic Royal Genealogy file on Rootsweb and is similar in many ways to how I think the Picton line goes back. The Celtic Royal Genealogy file was created by Welsh academics on the Royal Tribes of Wales.

        • A 1000 Years of Ancestors for Jenet Philipps - Wife of John Picton and daughter-in-Law of Owen Picton of Trellyffaint born about 1500. Jenet Philipps and John Picton are the parents of the Owen Picton of Trellyffaint born about 1584. Jenet Philipps and John Picton are the ancestors of the Picton's of Whitechurch and Trelech. Jenet Philipps is also a descendant of the Philipps of Picton Castle which is how the Picton's of Whitechurch and Trelech -- Northern Branch are descendants of the Philipps of Picton Castle.

Picton of Martletwy and Rudbaxton -- Southern Branch [Sir Thomas Picton’s family], 1540- present day ( just might be possible Trinidad or Mauitius).

(1) Picton of Martletwy I; Picton of Martletwy II; Picton of Martletwy III; Picton of Martletwy IV; Picton of Martletwy V

(2) Picton of Freystrop I; Picton of Freystrop II; Picton of Freystrop III; Picton of Freystrop IV; Picton of Burton

      • above Picton of Freystrop IV and Burton by Brian Swann

      • Picton of Freystrop II-Descendants of John Picton born 1760 eldest son of Edward Picton of Freystrop

      • Picton of Freystrop IV-Descendants of James Picton of Freystrop born 1786

      • Picton of Burton - by Brian Swann

(3) Picton of Cosheston

(4) Picton of Haroldston West, Lambston and Cosheston; Picton of Herbrandston; Picton of Lewisburg; USA and Picton of Pembroke and Barrow-in-Furness

(5) Picton of Carew, Llawhaden and Anglesey

(6) Picton of Haverfordwest

(7) Picton of Llandissilio

      • These families all descend from a David John Picton of Llandissilio, who died in 1670 leaving a will. They are to be found in the parishes listed, which lie on the border of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. There are several living male lines of descent from about 1800 downwards. There are mentions of the Picton surname in Meidrim before this date.

(8) Picton of Steynton, branch extinct

(9) Picton of Dale and Marloes, precursor of other branches (?), e.g. Picton of Haverfordwest, etc.

      • Picton of Camrose and Roch, probably an offshoot of Picton of Haverfordwest

(10) Picton of Camrose, Haverfordwest, Martletwy/Coedcenlas, Tredegar, Gelligaer, Bedwellty, Mountain Ash, Trehafod and the USA.

      • Picton of Camrose - by Brian Swann

      • Probably offshoot of (6).

(11) Picton of Monmouthshire – not related.

      • From Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire (11). Several families in those counties and London/Middlesex, but possibly all going to one common ancestor for the Bucks./Herts families.

(12) Picton of Liverpool, Cheshire and Lancashire (Family of Sir James Allanson Picton) – not related.

      • SAMUEL PICKTON (1739-1792), bapt. 11 June 1739 at Grappenhall, Cheshire, son of Samuel Pickton. He was probably the eldest son of the Samuel Pickton [bapt. 1710], a taylor of Woolston in the parish of Warrington, who married Abigail Lythgoe, a spinster of Woolston by banns on 8 June 1731 at Warrington St. Elphin Church [FHL 1562956]. Samuel Picton was buried on 24 May 1758 at Prestwich St. Mary, Manchester, Lancashire. Abigail Pickton, wife of Samuel Pickton, was buried on 30 May 1778 at Grappenhall, Cheshire. Samuel Pickton married Mary Cupid [bapt. 1740 at -------] on 21 February 1762 at Grappenhall Church, Cheshire. Samuel Pickton of Warrington, a tailor, was buried on 29 November 1792 at Warrington St. Elphin. Samuel and Mary Pickton were the parents of William Picton (1776-1851), father of James Allanson Picton (1805-1889), after whom the Picton Public Library at Liverpool was named, etc. (See Wikipedia entry).

Additional Information Related To The Picton Family

Some Important Locations for Picton Branches in Pembrokeshire- traveled to during the 2015 Wales Picton Reunion

Brief Early History of the People and Area - in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire including an old Roman Gold Mine

How the Northern Picton Branch descends from the Philipps of Picton Castle - Through Jenet Philipps the Wife of John Picton and daughter-in-Law of Owen Picton of Trellyffaint. Jenet Philipps and John Picton are the parents of the Owen Picton of Trellyffaint born about 1584.

Knight Service - Early Picton Castle rules of governing

European (Autosomal) DNA - What is in European Chromosomes that some Picton descendants may have - by Owen Picton

Old Picton Pedigree Chart - created in the 1600's going back to about the 1200's, starts with a Philip Picton (Phs Picton).

Picton Family Favorites Cook Book- by descendants of Rev. Thomas Picton (Another cousin related line)

1434 Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales - Rentals -Jankyn Picton listed owning about 45 burgages and Owen Picton owning about 8 burgages in 1594


Maesgwyn Farm Estate Map 1842- Shows Penygroes Meeting House Church and states White Church Demesne at the top of the map

Early Known Picton Index - (Mostly Years 1276 - 1650)

Picton 1930 Census Index in the United States- All Known Picton's by location

Picton 1940 Census Index in the United States- All Known Picton's by birth place - about 237 Picton's

Ancient Picton Documents - (Mostly Written between 1276 and 1650)

Slebech and Picton Castle Community- (How we arrived at the current community)

Excavation of 50 skeletons- over a 1000 years old found in Pembrokeshire Wales

Restoration of “Big House” at Landshipping- Restoration of a house called “Big House” at Landshipping across the river from Picton Castle. “Big House” was believed to have been built in the early 1800’s and may have been built to mimic and partly copy Picton Castle. The owner of “Big House” was a political rival to the family that owned Picton Castle for a seat in Parliament in London.

Garden Pit Disaster- This is a memorial to those who died in this disaster in1844. The Garden Pit Disaster is one of the worst mining disaster to have occurred in the world. It was at Landshipping across the river from Picton Castle. A number of Picton men died in this disaster.

Picton Castle (Pembrokeshire, Wales)

Distant view of Picton Castle from Landshipping taken in 2004

Other Picton websites List of various other websites containing the name Picton

Thanks to Jeanette Froeschner for the information she provided and for suggesting that I visit the Cemetery at Rhydyparc, Eglwys Fair a Churig in Carmarthenshire which is just a few miles away from Cwmfelin Mynach (Monks Mill)and near the previous Chocolate Farm. The Cemetery at Rhydyparc, Eglwys Fair a Churig is where Elizabeth Rees is buried.

Elizabeth (Phillips) Rees (Mother-in-Law of Stephen Picton) My pictures of Rhydyparc Cemetery and Genealogy Information about her.

The below website contains another source of information about the Rhydyparc Cemetery including Elizabeth Rees who died Oct 8, 1873. She is my great great grandmother and the mother-in-law of Stephen Picton. They said the cemetery is on the internet because it is an Arminian cemetery within the Unitarians. The cemetery is in poor condition and all that remains of the church are the 4 walls. The people who own this location, have made about 3 or 4 lakes where people pay to fish. They say about 21 springs exist on this property. I think the Email address of the people who own this property (Gwen and Terry) is:

For Rhydyparc, Eglwys Fair a Churig in Carmarthenshire just click on the below website:

The Memorial Inscriptions listed appear to be what is inscribed on the tomb stones. They say a tree had fallen a few years ago and destroyed some of the stones.

Note: has the 1841 Census for England and Wales online.

This is a research project in progress. Additional researching of the Picton family may revolve around references to the Picton Family in the records of the Bronwydd Estate mostly in the 18th and 19th century within the Lordship of Cemais. The Bronwydd Estate have provided their records called Bronwydd MSS to the National Library of Wales and are available. This is why on this website, there are many references to the owners and ancestors of the Bronwydd Estate and the contracts and leases they had with the Picton Family. The following are examples of the ancestors or members of the Bronwydd Estate family such as George Owen of Henllys born about 1552, son Alban Owen, then several generations down to Anne Owen who married Thomas Lloyd of Penpedwast in the parish of Meline, then down to Sir Marteine Lloyd (1851-1933). It is hoped that by looking at this to find Picton records, contracts and leases; a better understanding can be arrived at such as why the Picton Family lived in varies places, things they did and where additional records may be found.

If you have a suggestion please let me know.


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