Charles Luther Jenkins


Lila's First Husband

Chuck Jenkins

(Charles Luther Jenkins)

in 1950

Picture at bottom of page for Chuck Jenkins in 1939 at Japanese Kindergarten at Lihue, Hawaii

Diary of CC Jenkins- Grandfather of Charles Luther Jenkins

Charles Luther Jenkins - Newspaper and Other Article and Object Selection

Birth and Obituary of Charles Jenkins and children wedding articles- Lila's first Husband and her childrens weddings

Chuck Jenkins Pictures-Lila's first husband

Chuck Jenkins more family pictures-Page 7 - with 1911 Postcard

Donovan Jenkins pictures-Father of Chuck Jenkins - plus 1941 Hickam Field ID Pass

CH and Mary Jenkins pictures-Grandparents of Chuck Jenkins

Chuck Jenkins is right front by X

at Japanese Kindergarten at Lihue, Hawaii

in 1939

We have visited this school in a church

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