Three Thomas Picton's

Born in Pembrokeshire in the 1700's and died in the 1800's

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Compact Picton Family Tree - From first Picton to Great Grandchildren of Stephen Picton

There were three Thomas Picton's who lived in the late 1700's and early 1800's.

Thomas Picton (1749-1836) (born and died in Pembrokeshire)

Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton (1758-1815) (born in Pembrokeshire and died at Waterloo)

Rev Thomas Picton (1775-1861) born in Pembrokeshire and died at New Jersey, USA

1 Thomas Picton (1749-1836) (born and died in Pembrokeshire) Both Thomas Picton (1749-1836) and his father John Picton lived at the farmstead called TyrBwich, Whitechurch, Pembroke, Wales. Whitechurch (Eglwswen) Area and TyrBwlch Farm- He had Rev Thomas Picton of New Jersey as his nephew. Also Thomas Picton 1749-1836 had Owen Picton and Stephen Picton as his Grandchildren through his son Jacob Picton and Lewis Picton was his Great Grandchild. I think that my Grandfather Owen Picton was named after this Owen Picton.

2 Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton (1758-1815) - born in Pembrokeshire and died June 18, 1815 at Waterloo when he was helping defeat Napoleon. He then was shipped home in a keg of whiskey to London. He first was buried at St. George's, Hanover Square and later reburied at St. Paul's Cathedral. Folklore has him riding out and fighting the Battle of Waterloo in either tuxedo suit of tails and top hat or his night shirt and top hat because either his luggage had not arrived or he had overslept.

He conquered Trinidad, ruled Trinidad and kept order by using cruel terror for which he is now condemned. The only children he had was with a rich black women in Trinidad who owned slaves.

So far we have been unable to prove we are related. Brian has proved that all DNA tested so far from Picton's of Pembrokeshire are related. Both he and my ancestors came from Pembrokeshire, Wales.

3 Rev Thomas Picton and Descendant Pictures - (1775-1861) born in Pembrokeshire and died in New Jersey, USA. He was Chaplain and Professor of Geography, History and Ethics at the Military Academy, West Point, New York. Thomas Picton was the first person appointed to teach law at West Point and he did this for the next 58 years. His son JOHN MOORE WHITE PICTON was a medical doctor in New Orleans and started a Picton family line there. His daughter Mary Picton married Edwin Augustus Stevens. Edwin Stevens became one of the wealthiest person in the United States after inventing how to kept a train on a railroad track. His father, John Stevens of Hoboken, was inventor of the steam propellor boat.

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