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This is called Mythological Genealogy because there are three reasons this genealogy may not be right. First, the Prophet Muhammad lived about 1400 years ago and who is to say that this genealogy is recorded exactly right over that many years ago. Second, for number 17- Zaida, Princess of Denia, it is not known if she is either a daughter or daughter-in-law of Muhammad III, Muhammad Al-Mu'tadid. Zaida fled to Spain ruled by King Alfonso VI when her fathers kingdom fell to the Berbers and was either a mistress or wife of Alfonso VI, converted to Catholicism, taking the name Isabella. Third, one must assumed that there was no messing around and that for over 1400 years all ancestors were faithful in there marriage. An example is for number 26-Richard Earl of Cambridge PLANTAGENET (1375-5 Aug 1415) where DNA testing of some of his descendants has raise a concern but Queen Elizabeth II does consider him an ancestor in that line, so I should also.

Data for this webpage came from varies sources. I used a chart from about mythological genealogy from The Prophet Muhammad to Queen Elizabeth II as a source for some of the information on this webpage. Another source was Finally, over the last 45 years, I have gathered data from varies other sources.

Descendants of THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD - to my Grandma Martha (Mattie) BIDDLE (28 Dec 1879-17 Jul 1964)


1-THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD (22 Apr 571-8 Jun 632)

2-Fatima (-)

sp: Ali (-)

3-HASAN (-)

4- Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

5-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

6-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

7-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

8-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

9-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

10-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

11-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

12-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

13-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

14-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad(-)

15-Generations starting with Prophet Muhammad for a total of 12 generations after Hasan(-)

16-Muhammed III Al-Mu'tamid Abu'l-Qasim ibn EMIR OF SEVILLE Muhammad Al-Mu'tadid (1040-1095)

sp: I'Tamid (1045-)

17-Princess of Denia Zaida 'Isabel' 'Ximena' BINT MUHAMMAD (1071-12 Sep 1107)

sp: King ALFONSO VI 'THE BRAVE' DE CASTILE AND LEON (Jun 1030-9 Jun 1109)

18-Princess Sancha Alfonsez DE CASTILE AND LEON (1100-10 May 1125)

sp: Rodrigo Gonzalez 'El Franco' DE LARA (1096-1143)

19-Rodrigo Rodriguez DE LARA (1123-)

sp: Garcia AZAGRA (1135-)

20-Sancha Rodriguez DE LARA (1167-1234)

sp: Gonzalo Rodriguez Heer VAN GIRON, ANTILLO, Cisneros, Carrion en Frechilla (1185-1234)

21-Aldonza Gonzalez GIRON (1200-)

sp: Ramiro DE CIFONTES (1215-1250)

22-Aldonza Ramirez DE CIFONTES (-aft 1284)

sp: Fernan Gonsales DE HERNESTROSSA (1264-1314)

23-Maria Hernanda DE HERNESTROSSA (1284-1335)

sp: Juan Garciez DE PADILLA (1282-1355)

24-Maria Juana DE PADILLA (abt 1334-Jul 1361)

sp: King Pedro I Alfonsez DE CASTILE AND LEON (30 Aug 1334-22 Mar 1369)

25-Princess Isabel Perez DE CASTILE AND LEON (1355-23 Dec 1392)

sp: Prince of England Edmund "Of Lagley" PLANTAGENET (5 Jun 1341-1 Aug 1402)

26-Richard Earl of Cambridge PLANTAGENET (1375-5 Aug 1415)

sp: Anne DE MORTIMER (27 Dec 1390-Sep 1411)

27-Richard 3rd Duke of York PLANTAGENET (21 Sep 1411-30 Dec 1460)

sp: Cecily DE NEVILLE (3 May 1415-31 May 1495)

28-Richard Sir Knight YORKE (1430-25 Apr 1498)

sp: Lady Joan MAULEVERER (abt 1441-)

29-Thomas YORKE (1465-1514)

sp: Lady Margaret (1469-1490)

30-Lady Jane YORK (1489-1512)

sp: Sir Knight Thomas DE BODENHAM (abt 1487-1539)

31-Sir Knight Roger Ratherwas BODENHAM Esquire (1512-1579)

sp: Lady Jane WHITTINGTON (1518-1578)

32-Lady Baroness Elizabeth BODENHAM Baroness Morgan Pencoed Castle (1538-1636)

sp: Baron Sir Thomas MORGAN Sheriff of London MP (1534-1603)

33-Lady Elizabeth Ann MORGAN (1572-1650)

sp: Rev William JONES (1563-1633)

34-Rev John JONES (22 Nov 1591-9 Feb 1665)

sp: Sarah JONES (1601-18 Oct 1649)

35-Ruth JONES (abt 1628-1668)

sp: Rev Thomas JAMES Jr (13 Feb 1626/27-14 Jun 1696)

36-Hannah JAMES (1657-20 Sep 1706)

sp: James DIAMENT (1646-13 Dec 1721)

37-Mary DIAMENT (1672-1715)

sp: John OGDEN (1670-22 Dec 1745)

38-Jonathan OGDEN (12 Sep 1714-7 Jun 1745)

sp: Abigail BISHOP (5 Apr 1702-)

39-Abigail OGDEN (23 Apr 1733-28 Dec 1801)

sp: Arney BIDDLE Sr. (1735-11 Sep 1777)

40-Jonathan BIDDLE (May 1765-13 May 1847)

sp: Rachel BOWEN/BROWN (1773-May 1844)

41-Robert BIDDLE (1797-16 May 1858)

sp: Margaret CROCKER (19 Feb 1803-30 Sep 1887)

42-Henry BIDDLE (30 Aug 1841-18 Oct 1920)

sp: Mary MCBRIDE (28 Jan 1850-2 Aug 1929)

43-Calvin (C.W.) Wesley BIDDLE (2 Jun 1870-28 Oct 1935)

sp: Grace Ella BIDDLE (5 Jul 1873-4 Apr 1953)

43-Lucinda (Lulu) BIDDLE (19 Mar 1872-6 Nov 1967)

sp: David PHILLIPS (12 Oct 1870-25 Apr 1931)

43-Elizabeth (Bessie) BIDDLE (15 Feb 1878-18 Mar 1958)

sp: Charles L IDOL (1872-1963)

43-Martha (Mattie) BIDDLE (28 Dec 1879-17 Jul 1964)

sp: Owen PICTON (14 Sep 1879-12 Mar 1931)

43-Mary Helen BIDDLE (29 Dec 1881-18 Dec 1953)

sp: Charles Franklin GILMORE (29 Oct 1880-27 Nov 1947)

My ancestor number 39-Abigail OGDEN (23 Apr 1733-28 Dec 1801) was married to Arney Biddle (1735-11 Sep 1777) and he died in the Battle of Brandywine, in Pennsylvania, during the American Revolution.

The Prophet Muhammad is the 43rd generation from my Grandmother. My Grandma number 43-Martha (Mattie) BIDDLE (28 Dec 1879-17 Jul 1964) was married to my Grandfather Owen Picton (14 Sep 1879-12 Mar 1931).

A Math. check: If you take 43 generations by 30 years for each generation, you get 1290 years. Subtract 1290 years from 1879 (my Grandma's birth date) which equals 589 and this is close to 571 being Muhammad;s birth date.

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