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Owen Picton

December 2015

This year started with me spending a few days at Branson, Mo before heading to South Padre Island, Texas for most of January and part of February. I attended church weekly at Weslaco, Texas with the congregation where Dianne had served. The vacation was cut short in February when I suffered a heart problem. I was very grateful that my son David was able to fly down and drive me home. I then went to St Luke's Hospital in Kansas City in March and had 3 more stents put in plus a number of other heart arteries opened larger.

There was a Picton Reunion this summer in Wales. I went and took my son David along with two of my Granddaughters Martha and Kathryn. We went to Ireland, toured Dublin, took a ferry across the Irish Sea, rented a car in Wales, attended the Picton Reunion, toured Picton Castle and toured Pembrokeshire and Carmathenshire in Wales. I spent a month on vacation and David and his two daughters spent three weeks.

Lila's son Corey and his wife Sarah are still living in Valentine, Nebraska where Corey is pastor of the Methodist Church. They are both doing well.

Lila's daughter Suzanne and Granddaughter Kirsten age 15 live in Lincoln and are doing fine. Kirsten was in the school play Wizard of Oz and going on a school choir tour to London over the Christmas vacation.

I have taken several trips to Chicago, Illinois to visit my son Stephen, daughter-in-law Kelly and Grandchildren. My Granddaughter Anna age 10 is growing, in the fifth grade, likes to draw and practices the piano. My Grandson Zachary age 14 is a Freshman in high school. He went out for running cross country, is taking a school choir tour to New Orleans in February, and plays the piano and sings in what I call a Praise Band with his Dad and a couple of other men at church. Zachary is as tall as I am.

My son David, daughter-in-law Cindy and Grandchildren live at Blair, Nebraska. Martha age 10 and Kathryn age 8 are active in 4H. They raise rabbits and turkeys plus showed them for 4H. Martha practices the piano and they are all doing well in school. My Grandson Paul turned 6 years old last month and started kindergarten.

I am spending Christmas with Stephen and then heading South to South Padre Island. It has been a little over two year since Lila has past away.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Blessings, Owen

My Grandchildren Anna and Zachary with me

- Children of Stephen and Kelly

In front of Sue the Dinosaur


My Grandchildren Paul, Kathryn and Martha with my daughter-in-law Cindy


Stone head of a hammermill used by the Romans in a Gold Mine 2,000 years ago

Kathryn Picton


myself, my son David and Grandchildren Kathryn and Martha

visiting a 2,000 year old Roman Gold Mine in Wales


Kathryn Picton

lost teeth on the vacation


Kathryn and Martha Picton

on West Coast of Wales


Kathryn, myself and Martha

at a 4,500 year old Welsh burial chamber

called Pentre Burial Chamber

near where our Picton acestors came from


Distant view of Picton Castle from Landshipping taken in 2015

See the water below the castle

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