Celtic Sun God

How the Pictons are descendant from Belenos the Celtic God of the Sun

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You can trace back to Belenos, the Sun God and produce the below line of descent.

How we are descendant from Belenos (the Celtic Sun-God)

Belenos, later known as Beli Mawr (the Great), was the Celtic God of the Sun, representing the curative powers of the Sun’s heat. His festival of Beltane, when bonfires were lit to welcome in the Summer and encourage the Sun’s warmth, was held on May 1st, and is remembered in today's May Day festivities. His symbols were the horse (as shown, for example, by the clay horse figurine offerings at Belenos’ Sainte-Sabine shrine in Burgundy), and also the Wheel (as illustrated on the famous Gundestrup Cauldron). Perhaps, like Apollo, whom he became identified with, Belenos was thought to ride the Sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot. Indeed. Sometimes he is illustrated riding a single horse, throwing thunder-bolts (hence an occasional identification with Jupiter) and using his symbolic radiating wheel as a shield, as he tramples the chthonic forces of a snake-limbed giant.

* Beli Mawr (the Great) alias Belenos (the Celtic Sun-God)

* Miled

* Eremon

* Irial Faidh

* Eithrial

* Follain

* Tigernmas

* Eanbrotha

* Smiomghall

* Fiacha Lamhraein

* Aongus Olmucach

* Maoin

* Rotheachta

* Dein

* Siorna Saoghalach

* Olioll Olchaoin

* Gialcadh

* Nmacdhas Fionnfail

* Aedan Glas

* Simon Breac

* Muireadach Bolgach

* Fiacha Tolgrach

* Dmacch Ladhrach

* Eochaidh Buidh

* Ugaine Mor

* Cobthach Caolbhreagh

* Melg Molbhthach

* Iaran Gleofathach

* Conla Caomh

* Olioll Casfiachlach

* Eochaidh Altleathan

* Aongus Tuirmeach Teamrach

* Enna Aigneach

* Asaman Eamhna

* Roighean Rmacdh

* Fionnlogh

* Fionn

* Eochaidh Feidlioch

* Fineamhas (Breas-Nar-Lothar)

* Lughaidh Sriabhn Dearg

* Crimthann Niadh Nar

* Feredach Fionn Feachtnach

* Fiacha Fionn Ola

* Tuathal Teachtmar

* Felim Rachtmar

* Fiacha Suidhe

* Cairbre Rigronn

* Art Corp, Abt 190 -

* Eochaid Allmuir (Over-Sea), Abt 240 -

* Corath mac Eochaid, Abt 290 -

* Aed Brosc, Abt 340 -(was of the tribe of the Déssi who hailed from the County Waterford region of Ireland.)

o Urb mac Aed, Ancestor of the Kings of Brycheiniog, Abt 371 -

o Triffyn Farfog, King of Dyfed, Abt 385 -(King of Dyfed)

Aergul Lawhir ap Tryffin, King of Dyfed(Born c.AD 437)

Gwerthefyr "Vortepor the Tyrant" ab Aergul Brenin Dyfed , King of Dyfed(c.475-540)

His memorial stone, discovered at Castell Dwyran, provides clear evidence of his historicity. The inscription: "Memoria Voteporigis Protictoris" shows that he used the Roman title of Protector, rather than King.

Cyngar ap Gwerthefyr Brenin Dyfed, b: ABT 0515 in Dyfed, Cymru

Pedr ap Cyngar Brenin Dyfed , b: ABT 0550 in Dyfed, Cymru

Awthwyr ap Pedr Brenin Dyfed b: ABT 0585 in Dyfed, Cymru, King of Dyfed

Nowy Hen ab Awthwyr Brenin Dyfed & Brycheiniog b: ABT 0605 in Dyfed, Cymru

Gwyldddien ap Nowy Nougoy Brenin Dyfed,Brycheiniog b: ABT 0630 in Dyfed, Cymru,King of Dyfed & Brycheiniog

Cathen ap Gwyldddien Brenin Dyfed & Brycheiniog b: ABT 0650

Cadwgon Trydelig ap Cathen Brenin Dyfed & Brycheiniog b: ABT 0670

Rhain ap Cadwgon Brenin Dyfed & Brycheiniog b: ABT 0690 in Ystrad Towy, Cymru,Kings of Dyfed & Brycheioniog

Tewdws ap Rhain b: ABT 0710 in Dyfed, Cymru,Kings of Dyfed

Maredydd ap Tewdos Brenin Dyfed b: ABT 0745 in Dyfed, Cymru

Rhain ap Maredydd b: ABT 0767 in Dyfed, Cymru

Tryffin ap Rhain Brenin Dyfed b: ABT 0785 in Dyfed, Cymru

Cynan Cylched ap Tryffin b: ABT 0800 in Dyfed, Cymru

Llywri ap Cynan b: ABT 0818 in Dyfed, Cymru

Dei ap Llywri b: ABT 0840 in Dyfed, Cymru

Iop ap Dei b: ABT 0860 in Dyfed, Cymru

Arthafad ap Iop b: ABT 0885 in Dyfed, Cymru

Cynan ab Arthafad b: ABT 0905 in Dyfed, Cymru

Elgan Wefl Hwch ap Cynan b: ABT 0930 in Dyfed, Cymru

Rhydderch ab Elgan b: ABT 0955 in Dyfed, Cymru

Gwyn ap Rhydderch Arglwydd Dyfed b: ABT 0980 in Dyfed, Cymru

Collwyn ap Gwyn b: ABT 1010 in Blaen Cuch, Gogledd Dyfed, Cymru

Cydifor "Fawr" ap Collwyn b: ABT 1045 in Blaen Cuch, Gogledd Dyfed, Cymru

Bledri Latimer ap Cydifor Fawr Arglwydd Cilsant b:ABT 1085 in Castell Cilsant, Dyfed, Cymru

Rhys ap Bledri Latimer b: in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Sir Aron ap Rhys b: in Castell Cilsant, Dyfed, Cymru, attended Richard I on Crusade 1190

Gwilym ab Aron o Cilsant b: in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Madog ap Gwilym o Cilsant b: ABT 1225 in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Ieuan ap Madog o Cilsant b: ABT 1260 in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Madog ap Ieuan o Cilsant b: ABT 1295 in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Philip ap Madog of Cilsant b: ABT 1330 in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Maredudd ap Philip o Cilsant b: ABT 1365 in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Philip ap Maredudd o Cilsant b: ABT 1395 in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

Thomas ap Philip ap Maredudd (Sir Thomas Philipps) o PICTON Castle b: ABT 1465 in Castell Cilsant, St Clears, Dyfed, Cymru

William Philipps b: 1508 in Cilsant

James Philipps of Pentypark

Jonet (Jenet) Philipps, Of Pen-Y-Parc, Pembroke, married John Picton of Trellifen [Trellyfaint]

Owen Picton of Trellifen [Trellyfaint] b: 1580

William Picton of Whitechurch

Owen Picton of Whitechurch

John Picton of Tyrbwlch, Whitechurch

Thomas Picton of Tyrbwlch, Whitechurch

Jacob Picton born abt 1797 at Whitechurch, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Stephen Picton, born 1825; died 1896 at Hiawatha, Kansas

Owen Picton, born 1879 at Hiawatha, Kansas

Samuel Picton born 1908 at Hiawatha, Kanss

Owen Samuel Picton born 1936 at Falls City, Nebraska

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