Jacob Roesch Family Reunion Pictures

Jacob and Christina Roesch descendants early 1930's

Jacob Roesch descendants family reunion about 1937

Roesch reunion taken about 1937 because I am the baby on the picture.

Children in front row are L-R: Ruthanna Roesch, Harold Roesch (hidden behind Ruthanna), Marjory Schmidt, unknown, Donald Schmidt.

2nd row: Lydia (Jannsen) Hunker, , Louis Hunker, Mary (Idol) Roesch, Henry Roesch, Martha (Roesch) Picton, Samuel Picton, (baby) Owen Picton, (Lena) Chris (Huettner) Cheshire, Lena Roesch, Walter Roesch

3rd row: Lydia (Roesch) Grossoehmig, Lena (Roesch) Huettner, Mary (Roesch) Schmidt, Herman Huettner, unknown, unknown, Henry Jacob Roesch, Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch, William Fischer, Mary (Roesch) Fischer, Gerhardt Janssen, Anna (Roesch) Janssen

Back row: Fred Roesch, Wilma Roesch, Edward Schmidt, unknown, unknown, Paul Grossoehmig

Roesch's welcoming Edgar home during WW 2

Families of the late Jacob Roesch

Small Children L - R: Mary (Picton) Syre, Dorothy (Picton) Tubach )on mothers lap), Owen Picton, Arleta Durfee, Twila (Durfee) Fee, Joyce (Sissy) Schneider.

Front: unknown, Donald Schmidt, Marjory Schmidt, Ruthanna Roesch, Martha (Roesch) Picton, Lena Roesch, Ann (Huettner) Schneider.

Middle row: Walter Roesch, Mary (Roesch) Fischer, Bill Fischer, Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch, Lydia (Grossoehmig) Schmutzer(I think), Samuel Picton, Paul Grossoehmig, Herman Huettner, Paul Huettner, Lena (Roesch) Huettner, Walter Huettner, Lydia Grossoehmig.

Back: Edward Schmidt, Edgar Roesch, Wilma Roesch, Fred Roesch, unknown

Jacob Roesch descendants family reunion

Children: Niedfelt twins Elaine & Eilene, Dorothy Picton, Mary Picton, boy & girl are Paul Grossoehmig children.

Sitting: Minert Wissman & son, Evelyn (Niedfelt) Wissman, Paul Grossoehmig Sr., Lydia (Roesch) Grossoehmig, Mary (Zimmerman) Roesch, Lydia (Grossoehmig) Schmutzer, Laverne Schmutzer, Ann (Grossoehmig) Niedfelt, Albert Niedfelt,unknown, unknown

Standing: Harold Niedfelt, Owen Picton, Henry Roesch, Paul Grossoehmig Jr., Mary (Idol) Roesch, Dorothy Grossoehmig (maybe?), Martha (Roesch) Picton, Samuel Picton, Arleta Durfee, Lena Roesch, Twila Durfee, Lydia (Jannsen) Hunker, Wilma Roesch, Ruthanna Roesch, Imogene Roesch, Edgar Roesch, Glen Niedfelt, Albert Niedfelt Jr., Louis Hunker, Fred Roesch

Some Jacob Roesch Descendant Children

L-R: Owen Picton, Harold Neidfeldt, Paul Grossoehmig, Mary (Picton) Syre, Grossoehmig, Elanine & Eilene Neidfeldt, Dorothy (Picton) Tubach

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