Another year has past and I will be turning 83 by years end. This has been a good year. I continue to live in an apartment at the old Blair Central School that my sons David and Stephen attended. I belong to the YMCA and exercise on their treadmill. My health has been good except I have a little difficulty walking a long distance.

Last January, February and March, I again spent at South Padre Island, Texas. SpaceX is building a space port near by and several times I have gone over and watched the construction. They build the spaceships out in the open and not in a building, so one can watch the progress. I spent a few days at Branson, Missouri on my return home from Texas. In July, I took a flight to Chicago for my grandson Zackary's 18th birthday. This will be the seventh winter that I have spent at South Padre Island since Lila past away.

Stephen, Kelly and family live in Chicago. Zachary is going to college, majoring in computer science and will be a college sophomore next month after he took some tests. Anna is a freshmen in high school.

David, Cindy and family continue to live near Blair on an acreage where Dianne and I lived. Martha, Kathryn and Paul continue to grow and are getting tall. They are busy with school, church and 4H. Martha is in the 8th grade. Kathryn is in the 7th grade and a good softball player. Paul is in the 4rd grade. I attend the musicals, band concerts and other school events. As a proud Grandpa, I think all my Grandchildren are smart, my Granddaughters are beautiful and my Grandsons handsome.

Lila's son Corey and Sarah live at Superior, Nebraska. Lila's daughter Suzanne and Granddaughter Kirsten live at Lincoln, Nebraska.


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