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Male DNA on Y chromosome:

William Biddle 1633-1711 male Y-DNA Haplogroup research has a Biddle (#131067) (Pvt9, Pvt8, Stratford Bradish7, William Shepard6, John5, Charles4, William3, William2, William1 BIDDLE 1633-1711 — of London, England, and Burlington Co., NJ) who is a William Biddle descendant that has taken the Y-DNA tests. His Y-DNA Haplogroup is known as I2-L39 and I2a2b. This would most likely mean that our William Biddle's I and II would have Y-DNA Haplogroup being I2-L39. This would have to be verified by having another Biddle male descendant from a different line from William Biddle II taking the Y-DNA test to make sure they are equal. There is another Biddle listed who descends from a John Beedle (#N53200) born 1756 in England who has the same Haplogroup line (believed to be I2-L39) on other websites but he has not shown here to have tested as yet to the same depth as Biddle (#131067). Y-DNA haplogroup I2-L39 is not the final end of the line for this Haplogroup and requires additional testing to go down additional levels of the Y-DNA tree. There are other Biddle's who do not match and so are not related. I have no connection with this Y-DNA website but the Biddle Y-DNA surname website is at: Biddle Y-DNA Surname Project Website and shows both the Haplogroup and lists all the tested STR values.

DNA matching on other Chromosomes:

I have matched DNA on all my other chromosomes at such companies as 23andME, Ancestry.com and myheritage.com. I know that I am most likely matching a Biddle relative who has the same Biddle ancestry, when I match a second cousin who is a Biddle relative. Then when we both match the same other person, the other person would most likely be a Biddle relative. It is up to you to figure out exactly how you are related.

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