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His name changed from Koch to Cook when he came to America.

They lived in Talenz (town) an area called Kaiser lautern. South of Frankfurt. Town is on the border of France and Germany. So close you would not know which country it belonged too. Was a checkpoint crossing of border in time of Franko Prussian War.

He was a personal bodyguard for Kaiser Wilhelm and fought in the Franko Prussian War. Each soldier was issued a spoon for eating. The spoon has an initial "K" on it for Koch.

When they came to America they had 2 children. Frieda and William Jr. They all came on a sailboat. They first lived at Utica, NY. Then went to Onawa, Iowa, where they lived until they moved to Morriville, Knox County, Nebr.

While he was dying he believed he was fighting on horseback with his sword during the Franko Prussian War.

Dianne (Schrader) Picton thinks that William Cook may have been born Catholic.

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