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Kitchen Clock

The Kitchen Clock was a wedding gift to my Great Grandparents Jacob and Christina (Katie) (Rapp) Roesch. It has the names in old German handwriting. It shows the names as Jakob Rösch and Christina Rösch on the front of the clock. Simon Rapp, the brother of Christina (Rapp) Roesch was a clock maker and he made the clock and gave the Kitchen Clock as a wedding gift to them.

The Kitchen Clock was left at the Fred Roesch (Grandson of Jacob and Christina Roesch) farm when Henry Roesch (son of Jacob and Christina Roesch) moved off the farm. It was decided by some of the children of Jacob and Christina Roesch to give the Kitchen Clock to the museum in Falls City. Mary (Roesch) Fischer (sister of Henry Roesch) went out to the Fred Roesch farm, picked up the Kitchen Clock and took it to the museum in Falls City. As I was growing up, I would sometimes go to this museum when I was at the Prichard Auditorium and look at the Kitchen Clock.

The museum located at the Prichard Auditorium, Falls City, NE moved to a new location in Falls City about 10 or 15 years ago and this Kitchen Clock disappeared in the move. No one now knows where the Kitchen Clock is or even if it exists.

Another similar Clock made by Simon Rapp

Simon Rapp was a brother of my Great Grandmother Christina (Rapp) Roesch. Herbert Kammerer, Vera Gale's father (1995) is below the clock. They are descendants from Simon Rapp.

St Nikolas Kirche in Buchenberg (restored 1590)

Old church in Buchenberg built in 970 AD

My Great Grandmother Christina (Rapp) Roesch was from the town of Buchenberg and her ancestors have live there for ever and would have attended this church.

Buchenberg Village Councilman's seat

The Buchenberg Village Councilman's seat was made for ancestors of Simon Rapp and his sister, my Great Grandmother Christina (Rapp) Roesch.

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