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Please click Under-Lined items to select: - Notes on the Genealogy of the Biddle Family by Henry D. Biddle in 1895 Printed Philadelphia: W S Fortescue & Co., (Successors to E. C. & J. Biddle & Co.); (To page forward - click on left or right bottom side of page)

Story of the Biddle Family starting on pages 9 and 10

My Grandmother Martha Biddle #218 on top Page 39 - Following not shown, also known as Mattie Picton, married to Owen Picton, nearest town growing up was White Cloud, Kansas

The following how people descend from above Martha Biddle #218 in this book

My Great Grandfather Henry Biddle #116 on bottom Page 38 (Not Henry D. Biddle)

Great Great Grandfather Robert Biddle #45 on Page 32

Great Great Great Grandfather Jonathan Biddle #22 on Page 28

Great Great Great Great Grandfather Arney Biddle #5 on Page 26

Great Great Great Great Grandfather Joseph Biddle #1 on Page 24

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather William Biddle 2nd #1 on Page 24

Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather William Biddle 1st on Page 9

Old 1684 William Biddle House- Trip searching for this house

1890 Picture of Biddle House in above Biddle book by Henry D Biddle on page 11

Old Biddle Land in Pennsylvania - Trip searching for this land

William Biddle I descendants- Listing created in 1998 on old Geocities Website

Three different Biddle brothers (branches) descend from William Biddle II.

Joseph Biddle branch (some of my line below) and the William Biddle III and John Biddle branches-

Biddle Old Published Items- Example: 1910 Biddle Hardware Catalog

Notes on the Henry Biddle Family- by Lulu (Biddle) Phillips and Mary Ellen (Phillips) Bruning

Henry Biddle (1841-1920) in a Historical Context- My Great Grandfather - His daughter Mattie (Biddle) Picton was married to My Grandfather Owen Picton.

This is how my family is connected to the different Biddle families. My ancestor, Henry Biddle (my Great Grandfather born in Pennsylvania) came from Sacramento, California where he had a mill that was destroyed by flooding and settled on a farm in about 1874 near a North South road (Praire Rd) Irving Township, Brown County, Kansas running toward Rulo, Nebraska (just a few miles from the Missouri River). My Grandmother Martha (Mattie) Picton is a daughter of this Henry Biddle. This farm (which is still owned by a Henry Biddle descendant) already had his brother (Thomas Biddle Family) living across the road South from him and his sister and husband (Sarah and Matthew Zahniser) living across the road East from him. His brother the Thomas Biddle Family first moved from Mercer County, Pennsylvania in 1863 to Illinois, then in about 1865 to Tama County Iowa, then in 1868 Iowa to Brown County, Kansas, then in 1881 to Axtel, Kansas. Jonathan Biddle was the Grandfather of Henry Biddle, Sarah (Biddle) Zahniser and Thomas Biddle. Jonathan Biddle (there Grandfather) had his father (Arney Biddle [1735-1777] die on (911) September 11, 1777 at the Battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania plus Jonathan Biddle had as his second cousins, three brothers named Nicholas Biddle, Major Thomas Biddle and Major John Biddle. Arney Biddle had as his father Joseph Biddle and Grandfather William Biddle II (1669-1743). The exploration of the nearby Missouri River about 50 to 60 years before Henry Biddle and his siblings arriving, had roles played by Nicholas Biddle, Major Thomas Biddle and Major John Biddle. One would think Henry Biddle and his siblings would be aware of the efforts these three distant cousins had made and it would have influenced them. My Biddle branch is the poorer Biddle branch but many still like to travel. The three second cousin Biddle brothers (Nicholas Biddle, Major Thomas Biddle and Major John Biddle) are connected to exploration of the Missouri River.

Ancestors of Mattie (Biddle) Picton- My Grandmother - daughter of Henry and Mary Biddle - before 1600 less positive

Mary (McBride) Biddle (adopted)- Mother of Mattie (Biddle) Picton - wife of Henry Biddle

My Biddle and Picton Tombstone Selection- and Tribute to Mt. Zion Methodist Church

Object selection includes Sword used in the Revolution and passed down in the Biddle family

The Mother of Lydia (Wardell) Biddle - was partially stripped to the Waist and Whipped because she was a Quaker.

Her Uncle Samuel Wardwell was hung as a witch at Salem, MA on 22 Sep 1692.

How she has a common ancestor with four US Presidents and so is related to them (as I would be related).

William and Sarah Biddle 1633-1711 Planting a Seed of Democracy in America - By C. Miller Biddle - copyright 2012 - ISBN 978-0-9848616-0-6 This is a detailed history of William and Sarah as they faced the struggles of this world and shaped America.

Copies of this book may be obtained from: Biddle Biography, P.O. Box 714, Moorestown, NJ 08057 - Four United States Presidents Related To My Biddle Family- My ancestor Thomas PERKINS (1525-23 Mar 1591), is the common ancestor of four United States Presidents. Additionally, he is the ancestor to my Grandmother Martha (Mattie) BIDDLE (28 Dec 1879-17 Jul 1964), Mary Ellen GERDES and Harold L ROESCH. Thomas PERKINS (1525-23 Mar 1591) is the number 1 ancestor in the four United States Presidents webpage. A special on YouTube said the following. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both descendant from John of Gaunt, just as I am. All United States presidents are related, just as I would then be. There are 34 US presidents who are descendants of Charlemagne, just as I am.

Maternal Line Information-Wife of Henry Biddle, 6 Generations - starts with Mary (McBride) Biddle in 1850 - to present, Mitochonrial DNA Haplogroup U5a1

Most Inportant Family in America - This is my family. This deals with Biddle brothers, sisters and cousins and the major roles they played in making them the most important Family in America during the Revolution and Westward Expansion. My ancestor Arney Biddle was a part of this. It additionally includes many Biddle family members plus three brothers Nicholas Biddle, Major Thomas Biddle and Major John Biddle. These three brothers are connected to the history along the Missouri River around Ft. Calhourn, Nebraska and Washington County, Nebraska near where I live. These Three Biddle Brothers are second cousins to Jonathan Biddle and first cousin once removed to Arney Biddle. Jonathan Biddle was the Grandfather of my ancestor Henry Biddle

Arney Biddle (abt 1735-1777) information [Grandson of Lydia (Wardell) Biddle]:

The History of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, 1770-1877 by S.W. and P.A. Durant- Book states that: Arney Biddle died fighting in the Revolutionary War in the Battle of Brandywine in 9/11/1777, according to his families testimony.

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