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I wish to thank Geraint Morgan for providing and pointing out to me that the line of Jenet Philipps, the wife of John Picton and daughter-in-law of Owen Picton 1500 is quite something, and can be traced back another 1000 years. Geraint states:

* Much work has been done by Welsh academics on the Royal Tribes of Wales.

* James Philipps of Pen-y-parc (Pentyparc) was the father of Jenet ( 9th child) and her mother Jane Griffiths both descend from very powerful families. Lords of Cilsant and the Princes of North Wales.

* William Philipps of Pen-y-parc (Pentyparc) born 1508 and his wife Elsbeth Bowen were the parents of James Philipps.

* Sir Thomas Philipps of Picton Castle born about 1465 was the father of William Philipps of Pentyparc. Sir Thomas Philipps of Picton Castle is the Great Grandfather of Jenet Philipps. Jenet Philipps is the daughter of James Philipps. This ties us into Picton Castle again.

A site created by Celtic Royal Genealogy showing descendants of Sir Thomas Philipps of Picton Castle and how he is ancestor to my Picton line and also what Geraint Morgan is saying (- No longer seems to work). The Royal Tribes of Wales are listed in this genealogy and can be found by tracing backward. I try to start you in this site at the place where James Philipps of Pentyparc is listed. Changes people make to this site may cause someone else to be shown. If this happens then go forward from father to grandfather until your are at Sir Thomas Philipps of Picton Castle. Then go to William Philipps of Pentyparc, then to James Philipps of Pentyparc and then to Jenet (Philipps) Picton.

Note: As with all genealogical research such as Celtic Royal Genealogy.

The accuracy of the information depends on the quality of work done by the researchers and I, Owen Picton have not verified this information.

I used the Classic version of by Clicking on the home page of (The following may not work but may be used as a guideline in your search.

Select "Search" at the top left of the page and click on "Genealogies"

Type Jenet Philipps into the name field and select "Pen-y-parc, Pembrokeshire, Wales" for the birth place. Then click Search.

Next scroll down the list of Jenet Phillipps to Pedigree Resource File and then click on the Jenet Philipps of Pen-y-parc, Pentibarc (Pentyparc), Pembrokeshire,Wales, make sure one of her husbands was John Picton and there are many hours of searching. Trace back the Philipps male line for many generations.

* Search James Phillips with the spouse Jane Griffiths by going back to the start of James Phillips of Pentibarc (Pentyparc), Pembrokeshire,Wales.

The followings chart is created by Owen Picton based on the information from the Celtic Royal Genealogy listing showing descendants for Sir Thomas Philipps of Picton Castle. Notice that my chart ends with the Picton line.

(Descendants from Sir Thomas Philipps of Picton Castle)

How the Pictons are descendant from Belenos the Celtic God of the Sun Realize that the older the data the more mythical in nature the data becomes.

As I commented before: If the Picton's have been here 100's of years in Pembrokeshire, Wales then through there wives ancestors, I ask why not 1000's. The 5,000 year old burial chambers had to to built by someone. The stones for Stonehenge were mined in this area. So, the blood that flowed in the veins of those who accomplished these things must also flow in our veins.

The following Web Sites giving more information

At Go to Genealogy, then Family Database, then Section III, then P, then Philipps01 of Penty Park

Go into Google and search below names that will help you determine the Princes.

Rhys ap Gruffyd. 14 spouses

Gruffyd ap Rhys

Rhys ap tewdwr

llewelyn ap Iorwerth.

Rhodri Mawr

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