CC Jenkins

Mullen, Nebraska

1906 to 1944 Diary and Record Book Selection

(Great Grandfather of Rev. Corey Jenkins)

(United Methodist pastor)

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CC Jenkins

(Charles Clayton Jenkins)

CC Jenkins was the Grandfather of Charles Luther Jenkins, the Great Grandfather of the Rev. Corey C. Jenkins, Suzanne (Jenkins) Eickhoff, Teresa (Jenkins) McGrew and the Great Great Grandfather of Kirsten Eickhoff.

This is a daily diary and records written by CC Jenkins (Charles Clayton Jenkins) as he started married life in the Sandhills of Nebraska as a young rancher and farmer in the early 1900's. It shows his daily struggles beginning with building a sod house, fighting Mother nature and everything that life could throw at him. CC and his wife Elsie would have five sons.

CC Jenkins in the 1900 census was lving with his Uncle (Joseph R Fisk) at Logan, Phillips County, Kansas. Then when he married, he and his wife Elsie and also his parents lived in the Sandhills of Nebraska area around Mullen and Seneca, Nebraska. Next he moved to Phelps City, Atchinson County, Missouri where Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska intersect. This is where his parent-in-laws (James and Fannie King) lived. Then he moved to the Des Moines, Iowa area. By about 1945 he was living at Ashland, Nebraska and some of his children were also in the area and his son Donovan Jenkins moved from Hawaii in about 1947 to the Ashland area. He or some of his family were then operating a custom baling business at Ashland, Nebraska.

Note that the book was purchased pre-numbered from page 1 to 596. Pages 143, 144, 149 and 150 are missing. Pages 138, 152, 168, 174, 180 through 591, 593 and 594 are blank. The book gives a good comparison for basic needs and prices then and now. Notice they seem to do a lot of traveling then but it was by train.

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