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Owen Picton

September 2022

The information I present in this paper was gathered by myself listening to varies lectures on Youtube about how varies governments and civilizations developed to our current generation. They first were developing speech, culture and the use of tools. As each generation progressed from past to present, each human being added a little bit more to an improvement such as human DNA pool and civilization. Each human being had to have a fear of death, war, disease and slavery in one form or another. The world developed, varies forms of governments as civilizations progressed down to being the present day. What are the rights each human being inherits? Due we inherit the right to life, liberty, practice our own religion, and the pursuit to happiness plus eliminate the fear of death from being killed through war, disease and slavery in one form or another? Due to our present forms of governments we are trying to give ourselves this freedom? This is the way I understand it.

About 300,000 years ago, the ancestors of early humanity were many small groups of individuals (maybe no more than 30 individuals) scattered across the globe living in the stone age. They may not have developed completely into modern human beings. As they continued to lived through many ice ages, they intermarried with many human tribal groups developing new abilities. The best new abilities survived and we become what we are today.

About 55,000 years ago human beings traveled from the Middle East (The Levant) to Australia (some of it by ocean going boats).

About 10,000 years ago humanity came out of the stone age and started becoming hunters and gathers. The location this occurred is where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet in the Middle East (The Levant) Some consider this the Cradle of Civilization and many consider where the Garden of Eden existed. Humanity at this cross road also had the desert in Africa on the South, the Mediterranean Sea on the West side, the Red Sea to the South East and the Black Sea to the North. The weather and the environment also had a great influence on were world civilization and governments evolved. Location, location, location was everything for where this continued to happen!!! They lived in small groups of most likely no more than 30 individuals and governed by an older family member. It seems to me that on special occasions, many would meet in large groups and there would be exchanges of many things plus intermarriage between the varies human tribes.

About 7,000 years ago, farming and herding of animals displaced the hunters and gathers. This improved the diet, allowed more people to be healthy and live at one spot. The switch from hunters and gathers to farming resulted in many ancestral lines dying out but overall population mushroomed. There were droughts and floods. Then the first towns started to appear in the Middle East (The Levant). Just read the Bible to see how this occurred. To run the cities, it required an individual to be in charge. First, an older family member would be in charge. Next, an individual was selected and become what I would call a prophet who would give advice and guide them. As time went on, a warrior would decided that he wanted to be in charge and he would raise an army and take charge by force of the city. As fighting developed, people seemed to value life less. Communities developed into cities with walls and run by a warlord. Then warlords would conquer many cities and rule them as a dictator or king with large armies. The dictator or king always had plans that his descendant would take over when he died. This resulted in two or more individuals who would fight over power with an army on who would be in charged. The dictator or king created things like rules, laws, money coins, what Gods they would worship, an army to conquer other nations and who would be slaves. The use of armies to control people by a dictator or king has existed from this time down to the present day. The cooper age started about this time.

About 5,300 years ago, where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet in the Middle East (The Levant) is one of the major places where civilization developed. Development in the Middle East (The Levant) was limited by the dryness of the environment. Traffic to and from Africa was limited by desert and by the dryness of the environment. Traffic to and from Europe was limited by the Mediterranean Sea, mountains and cold weather. The seas allowed movement by ship but storms caused many ship wrecks. Traffic to and from Asia to the North was over vast open plains of grass land. This allowed the development of horses in the open plains of Asia while other forms of farming and herding was being developed in The Levant.

At this time, tribes from East of the Black Sea called the Yamnaya started to expand and move using the horse going to Asia and to the North over vast open plains of grass land. The Yamnaya tribe were fighters and conquerors to became known as the Indio-Europeans that spread from India to the Atlantic Ocean in Europe. They brought from India to Europe, the horse, wheel, wagons, beer and the language used in India to Europe. Now almost 50 percent of the world speaks an Indio-European language. They were the third wave to move through Europe. The result was that most of the previous European male population died off (almost all the males Y DNA died out) and new immigrant Y DNA replaced the male population. No one actually knows what happen but there are a lot of theories. They spoke an Indio-European language which developed into our modern Latin, Greek, Celt, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, English and other languages all the way to India. The bronze age started about this time. Armies became more powerful using swords, headgear and body armor all first made from bronze. For almost every generation or two, there was a lot of fighting.

From 3,200 to 2,000 years ago, three of the worlds major religious groups evolved out of the Middle East (The Levant). These three major related religious groups are the Hebrews, Christianity and Islam. The Greeks and the Romans developed governments elected by the people but still had the nation run by a dictator or king. No nation valued human life. The value of human life grew as nations adopted one of these world religions.

About 3,200 years ago the Iron age started. Almost all nations were conquered at this time because all it took was a ship and 100 men with iron swords to sail up to a city and quickly conquer and sack the city. The conquerors were promised the spoils of war. It took a while for nations to develop a defense against this. The Romans finally were able to train armies how to defend against this.

Starting about 1,600 years ago, hordes of armies on horseback would sweep in from the vast open plains of grass land of Asia and conquer parts of Rome and other nations. Starting about 1,000 years ago, the Vikings started sweeping in with there viking ships from Scandinavia and conquering.

Starting about 500 years ago, cannons became big enough to destroy city walls, so cities from now on were unable to be defended by a city wall. At the same time guns were invented. Starting about 500 years ago, ships became big enough to sail and conquer the world. At that time, the use of armies to control people by a dictator or king existed in almost all nations in the world.

Now nations have a lot of tanks with cannon which can go into another nation and conquer that nation. This danger may now be reduced with the use of unmanned flying vehicles and drones destroying tanks. Maybe we will have a robot fighting the war on the battle field. Now there is the danger of complete atomic bomb destruction but if you do that to another nation, they will do it to you. This so far prevents another nation from attaching you unless there is a crazy dictator in charged. This may happen and I do not know how to stop it. Still, you must stop the crazy dictator.

All nations tried to expand and take over other nations up to the time of World War II. At the end of World War II, the United States of America was the most powerful, and demanded free trade, tried to stop one nation from conquering another and tried to stop dictatorships. The question is should the United States of America continue doing this?

There were a few nations such as Greece, Rome and England that had an elected governments with a king or dictator in charge up to the mid or late 1750's. This was the period when the Industrial Revolution started and a number of Kings and Queens lost there job. In mid or late 1750's, some nations started having an elected person to be in charge with a limited amount of governmental laws and an elected person every four or so years plus an elected governing body with limited power. Such governments allowed individual freedoms and individual states where one lives with other free states that have limited powers. These individual states would all belong to a united group of states within a nation. Then the computer and internet age started at the end of the 20th century. A problem with computers is this is enabling nations to have the ability to control an individual more easily. The following are some of the forms of governments we have today.

I live in a capitalist government. My capitalist government has an elected person every four years to be in charge of a limited amount of things plus an elected governing body with limited power. Things are not planed in small detail but left to market forces to manage the nation. The government must protect us from other nations, must also make sure that no one is taken advantage of and everything is fair. I think with this form of government, everyone has the most freedom and opportunity to have the most wealth. I think this is the best type of government. Some of the other forms of governments also include a form of capitalism.

There are some nations that have a communism government. A communism government usually starts with a revolution. Most often communism governments are run by someone who ends up elected for life to be in charge (I think this is a dictatorship). The communism government runs the nation with communism officials within the party governing by doing what the person in charge wants. The individuals governing the state believe they are doing what is best for the people of the nation and not what is best for the individual. The government is run in detail with everything planned all for the greater good of the government and not for the individual. . The problem is they can not know everything in detail and many problems always occur. Example, maybe the dictator in charge does not like a certain class of people and has them executed.

Other nations have a socialist government. The first difference between socialist and communism governments, initially, is how they were created. A government formed not on market forces but on what someone thinks is best for the government is often a socialist government. A government formed by a revolution is often a communism government. I think a socialist and a communism government both end up operating about the same with people lacking freedoms and people poor, except a communism government has a dictator in charge.

Another form of government is one following a specific religion. Usually this restricts peoples freedom on how one worships, restricts woman's rights and may be a form of extreme elected socialism.

All forms of government that ends up with an individual elected for life to be in charge, has a dictatorship. Problems arise when the top people around him are afraid to disagree with him and end up telling him what he wishes to hear which is most often is bad advice. A dictator may decide that he should conquer the next door nation, he attacks and starts a war. The dictator becomes afraid that everyone wants to kill him because they want to be in charge. There is no good way to step down and no good way to select the next leader. No solution has been found if you have a dictator who is crazy except do not give in.

Throughout history, every region on earth has a nation in the region who wins out out for a period of time and starts to think they are superior to the other nations. Eventually that nation fails but the people still think they are superior and attack there neighbors. The problem with such a nation is that they convince themselves that the people in that nation are a super race. are better than other races, more noble and should be in charge of that nation and other nations. A number of nations continue to go down this path and always are destroying themselves.

A problem in all governments is bribery. This allows an individual to steal money from the nation and the common man. A nation must strongly guard against this. A religious nation may help in preventing this.

In the 20th century, the world fought two world wars. Will Europe have a war every few generations? If not, how do we stop this? No nation has the right to attack a neighbor nation.

In the 1960's we were being told that the world was going into an Ice Age because of what we were doing to the environment.

In the 1990's we were being told that the world had global warming and the icebergs were all melting because of what we were doing to the environment.

About the year 2000 we were told we were running out of oil. Now we are being told that we have lots of oil and that this oil is hurting the environment. So now we are suppose to switch our energy source from oil and gas to solar energy and batteries.

Then we were told there were too many people in the world and China went to a one child family which is causing them problems.

Now the world has decided that there are too few people in the world and we are going to have problems and wars because of this.

I have a great concern about people thinking there is a problem that does not exist and then try to enforce there stupid rules not based on science I agree with which makes a big problem. What is the solution? Some people are trying to stop free speech which is bad.

The world seems to be on a flip flop course between ideas that are based lies and on nothing. I am afraid that we will end up with a one world government forced on us. This one world government will slow down world growth, stop ingenuity, cause world starvation and be socialistic.

Now we have gone from the twentieth century to the twenty first century. I had hopes of no more wars. That ships could travel the world freely. That people could travel the world freely. That we will have no nation run by a dictator. That dictator nations would not try to conquer a neighboring nation. One good thing it appears that we are going to have a world of nations that may be making unwritten rules that one nation will not be allowed to take over another nation without great restrictions.

My hope is that the nations of the world will work together putting down all future nations or dictatorships that attempt to go to war against there neighbors. I want to eliminate war.

All humanity wants is the inherit right to life, liberty, practice our own religion, honesty and the pursuit to happiness plus eliminate the fears of death from being killed, war, disease, religious extremism and slavery in one form or another. In the last three thousand years, I do not recall a case where the government lied to the people and then the world looked upon that government favorably a hundred years later. A final question is what kind of government will make us the happiest and make us the healthiest? My worst fear is that we have a united world government that takes away our freedoms.

The final question is will humanity be stopped by a Great Filter of the universe existing in nature around earth or the confines of the solar system and will this prevented us from going out to Mars and then to the stars of the universe? What does the solution to the Theory of Everything that links together all aspects of the universe give us?

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