Dianne (Schrader) Picton

Has a Shirt Tail Connection to

The Weigand Family

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The Weigand family were some of the first Homesteaders to Knox County, Nebraska.  Dianne's Grandma Cook had a sister in law named Beth (Hoyt) Peters who was the wife of Grandma Cook's brother August Peters.  The Mother of Beth (Hoyt) Peters was Hattie May (Laird) Hoyt.   Hattie May (Laird) Hoyt had a sister in law named Minnie (Weigand) Laird who was the wife of her brother William Laird.  This is the Dianne (Schrader) Picton shirt tail connection to the Weigand family.

Minnie (Weigand) Laird and her parents Leonhard Weigand and Theresa (Sch)oenberner) Weigand were homesteaders to Knox County, Nebraska.  Minnie (Weigand) Laird made a write up of her experiences growing.   Minnie (Weigand) Laird died in 1948 at Los Angeles County, California.

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Weigand Cemetery family - Leonhard and Theresa (Schoenberner) Weigand

Weigand Cemetery - Leonhard and Theresa (Schoenberner) Weigand are buried here


For information on the book  Homesteading In Nebraska, by Minnie (Weigand) Laird.  It is about the early years of Knox and Cedar Counties in Nebraska.   Minnie (Weigand) Laird is an Aunt to Beth (Hoyt) Peters who is a Sister-in-law  to Anna (Peters) Cook who is the Grandmother of Dianne (Schrader) Picton.  This makes Dianne (Schrader) Picton a Shirt Tail Relative 


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