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Wed, Feb 2 at 9:06 AM

The ancient DNA samples from the recent Nature paper from Britain have now been added to the Y-DNA and mtDNA haplotrees:


Wed, Feb 2 at 9:04 AM

Visit Start Your Family Tree - Search Genealogy Archives They have recently been adding birth, baptism, and marriage records as far back as early as 1500's for Germany. When you search, use 'Deutschland' as a place. I did a quick search and found quite a few Christoph Springers in the range you are looking. They come up in various areas and some are labeled 'Palatinate'

Sun, Jan 30 at 11:18 AM

The only other resource I know of is this map but I don't know how up to date it is:


There's also the late Jean Manco's website but that is now only preserved in the Wayback Machine and has nothing after about 2016:


Sun, Jan 30 at 9:25 AM

Stonehenge amid the migrations

How science is uncovering the secrets of Stonehenge

Sun, Jan 30 at 6:33 AM

The Reich Lab have made all their datasets available for download from their website:


Sat, Jan 29 at 8:29 PM

Ancient DNA database


Fri, Jan 28 at 11:39 AM

After FTDNA completes their review, you will be able to lookup the positions of your PVs on Ybrowse, and find their names: http://ybrowse.org/gb2/gbrowse/chrY/?

Ancient/Medieval U106 map (easymapmaker.com) plus another file [R1b-U106] Ancient DNA database

Go to item 69 and I think grave VK384 that shows an individual that has L47>L44>L163>L46>L45>L493>FGC10248>FGC10249 and

Death date: 850-900

Age: 35-55

Culture: Danish Viking

Paper: Margaryan 2020

This shows that in 850 to 900 AD a man died in Denmark who had a male clade ending in FGC10249 which is in a small number of people and all Male Picton's have.

Picton Castle is on the banks of Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, Wales overlooking the spot where Milford Haven's two bodies of waters merge into a single body of water flowing to the sea.

The following is a quote from the above History of Milford Haven. "From the 790s until the Norman Invasion in 1066, the waterway was used occasionally by Vikings looking for shelter. During one visit in 854, the Viking chieftain Hubba wintered in the Haven with 23 ships. Evidence of metal working in the area was recently excavated, suggesting a level of industrialization in the period 750 - 1100." Could this be how my Picton ancestors got to Pembrokeshire, Wales? Could all this mean the ancestors of the Picton male line in 850 to 900 AD were Danish Vikings and then traveled to and used Milford Haven for winter shelter?

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