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Dianne Picton

about 1973

Butterfly Sermon- by Rev. Dianne Picton

Life of Rev. Dianne (Schrader)  Picton- by her husband Owen Picton

A Discussion on Today's Poverty- by Rev. Dianne Picton

Mision Luterana San Pablo- 1993 Congregation Picture Book - Made while Dianne Picton did her one year of Seminary Internship at San Pablo Lutheran Church

My diary - (Story of My Life) by Anna Cook - Typed and edited by her Granddaughter Rev Dianne Picton

For information on the book  Homesteading In Nebraska, by Minnie (Weigand) Laird.  It is about early years of Knox and Cedar Counties in Nebraska.  Minnie (Weigand) Laird is an Aunt to Beth (Hoyt) Peters who is a Sister-in-law  to Anna (Peters) Cook who is the Grandmother of Dianne (Schrader) Picton.  This makes Dianne (Schrader) Picton a Shirt Tail Relative .

Dianne's Connection - to the Stuhr Museum at Grand Island

Maternal Line Information-12 Generations - starts at 1711 - Mitochonrial DNA Haplogroup K2a6

Dianne's Aunt Ruby (Cook) Greenwall Family and LaVonne (Havekost) Monson Family


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