Henry Roesch Family Pictures

Henry and Mary Roesch & family

L- R: Wilber, Martha, Walter, (grandpa) Henry, Fred, (grandma) Mary, Henry, Mary, Edgar, Lena

Roesch family in 1931

Marhta (Roesch) Picton says the following: Fred took this picture in 1931. Samuel and I, are in our courtship days, we are on the left on this picture. Mary and Henry married less than a year are to our right. The style at that time was uneven hem lines, Mary and I are both wearing uneven hem line dresses.

L-R: Martha, Samuel Picton, Mary (Idol) Roesch, Henry, Donald Schmidt, Mary Schmidt, Edward Schmidt,Lena, Walter, Grandpa, Wilber, Grandma holding Marjorie Jean, Edgar, and Wilma holding Ruthanna.

Roesch family - 1941

(L-R)Back: Fred, Wilbur, Edgar, Henry and Walter

Center: Martha, Mary, and Lena

Front: Henry and Mary Roesch

Roesch Family 1941 - Mary Carol is the baby

(L-R) Standing: Fred, Walter, Wilma, Mary Schmidt, Samuel Picton, Mary, Henry, Edgar and Wilbur

Sitting: Martha, Grandpa, Grandma, and Lena

Children: Marjorie Jean holding Mary Carol, Donald, Owen, Harold, and Ruthanna

Grandma Roesch & sons

Wilbur, Fred, Walter, Edgar, and Henry

Roesch Family right after WWII ended

Front L-R: Dorothy Picton, Mary Picton, Owen Picton

2nd Row L-R: Lena Roesch, Ruthanna Roesch, Marjorie Jean Schmidt, Harold Roesch, Donald Schmidt

3rd Row L-R: Vivian Roesch, Grandma Roesch, Mary Schmidt, Mary (Idol) Roesch, Martha Roesch

Back Row L-R: Edward Schmidt, Wilber Roesch, Fred Roesch, Walter Roesch, Edgar Roesch, Henry Roesch, Samuel Picton

Roesch Family right after WWII ended

Cousins with their Uncles that were in the war

Back Row L-R: Ruthanna Roesch, Wilber Roesch, Donald Schmidt, Edgar Roesch, Marjorie Jean Schmidt

Front L-R: Owen Picton, Mary Picton, Dorothy Picton, Harold Roesch

Roesch's - June 1950

(L-R) Standing: Ruthanna, Harold, Edward Schmidt, Mary Schmidt, Henry, Wilbur, Wilma, Mary (Idol) Roesch, Donald Schmidt, maybe Marjorie Jean Schmidt, Martha and Edgar

Sitting: Henry, Grandma, Lena

on ground: 3 Picton children - Dorothy, Mary and Owen

Grandma Roesch and family - June 1951

Bob and Cathy Roesch were not born yet when this picture was taken. Vivian must be hidden and Donald Schmidt must be absent.

Think the following (L-R): Samuel Picton, Wilbur, Glenda, Owen Picton, Henry, Harold, Grandma, Edward Schmidt, Lena, Fred, Ruthanna, Mary Picton in front, Wilma, Mary Schmidt, Dorothy Picton in front, unk, Mary (Idol) Roesch, Edgar and Marjorie Jean Schmidt

Roesch Reunion 1996

Gary Nelson, Harold Roesch, Dan Coffey, Dud Syre, David Picton, Allan Tubach, Mary Syre, Stephen Picton

Lena Roesch 100 year Birthday Party

about Oct 19, 1999

Standing(L-R): Dorothy (Picton) Tubach, Cathy (Roesch) Ebmeier, Owen Picton, Harold Roesch, Donald Schmidt, Glenda (Roesch) Nelson and Mary (Picton) Syre

Seated: Lena Roesch

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