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Rev. Thomas Picton letter from America to Dear Sisters


September 14, 1826

My Dear Sisters; In a letter which I wrote to our much esteemed Uncle of Tyrbwich last autumn, I have already acknowledged receipt of your favour of the 23rd. Feb. 1825. It gave me great pleasure to find that you were all still in the land of the living and in the enjoyment of so much health and comfort. In my letter to Uncle, which I hope he has received, I informed you of my removal from West Point. I have never yet been able to ascertain with certainty who were the persons principally concerned in that transaction for the whole plan was conducted with profound accuracy until it became ripe for execution. Some of the supposed actors have since that time, covered themselves with disgrace. One of them, who held his head very high, has lately been indicted together with several others, by the Grand jury of the city, “for a conspiracy to head and for cheating.” They will be tried soon, and it is the opinion of many that they are all candidates for the treading mill. Although Providence has preserved me from reproach and given me steadfast friends. While blessed with health and competence and a clear conscience, I have no cause to repine, but always to be thankful.

I have been engaged for nearly a year, in instructing a class of young women, in a respectable seminary in this city. Its my labours are pleasant and appear to be very acceptable and useful. I have determined to remain another year, of my life, if my life be spared. I have the satisfaction to inform you that myself and dear children enjoy a comfortable share of health. My son, as you probably know is a lieutenant in the army, and receives about 700 dollars, a year, in pay and benefits, together with his room and fuel and some other perquisites. During the last six months, he has been stationed on one of the islands in this harbour and we have the pleasure of seeing him frequently. He has grown to be a tall and stout young man, and I hope he may do well. He has received an education, though not very perfect in the learned languages, yet extensive and thorough in mathematics, philosophy, chemistry, French, Drawing, and the army is not the place that I would have chosen for hm but circumstances rendered it difficult for me to change his destination. My daughter lives with me, and is now my chief earthly comfort. She is an affectionate child very attentive to my little wants. If I live to see her comfortably settled and see both my children truly pious. I do not know that there is anything more for me to wish in this world.

During my school vacation, last month, I made a little excursion to the North together with my daughter and a small party of friends. We traveled over or near 500 miles, and visited Albany, Lake George and many other interesting scenes among them, we saw the spot where Burgoyne's army surrendered to the Americans in the revolutionary war. I had myself been over the whole ground some years ago. On our route, I had a glance of our old friend John Morries, Carreglwyd. But the stagecoach in which I traveled was driving so furiously, and I not expecting to meet him, that I had not even time to say “Pwy fyd”. He was riding alone in a sea- and appeared to be with-, I do not know whether he saw and knew me or not.

I have been expecting for some months to hear from our good Uncle but he is now so far advanced in years that I can not expect to receive many more letters from him. If he is still alive, give my best love to him and Aunt, and tell them I shall carry with me to the grave, the recollection of their kinship. Remember me also very affectionately to their children and grandchildren and to our Uncle and Aunt formerly of Tygwyn and all their children and to Aunt of Tyryet and family and to Uncle and family of the Valley and family and to all my relatives and friends. Death has removed so many of my old friends, both in Wales and America, that I begain to feel as thr' I were literally, a stranger upon the earth. I hope you will write another long letter as

The last few lines are missing.

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