1422 Deed of John Picton

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The 1422 Deed of John Picton is the call up document E 210/723 from the “Calendars of Ancient Deeds”. This is the description of this document from the TNA online catalogue:.

This wonderful document came in a 6” x 4” nondescript envelope, labelled E 210/723. It was a sachet of white powder in a transparent bag that fell out – followed by this tightly folded document [folded in 3 places[ measuring no more than about 5” x 4”. On unfolding, it was about 15” long, 4” wide, all in latin – with a red seal on the bottom. And in the red wax blob was the Picton coat of arms seal – measuring no bigger than about 1 cm in both directions – probably put on by a signet ring – in the true meaning of the word.

“Grant in tail, by John Picton, esquire, to Thomas Perrot, son of Stephen Perrot, esquire, and Alice his wife, daughter of the grantor, of all his messuages, lands, and rents &c. in Bikton in Ros [Bicton is in the parish of Hasguard in the Hundred of Rhos, or Roose], at a yearly rent of two greyhounds (leporarios) : [ Pemb. ] Monday after the conversion of St. Paul, 9 Henry V [1422]”.

The Deed is in latin. This is John Picton, Esq. [d. 1442] granting his lands to the Perrot family, because his only daughter and heiress, Alice Picton, has married Thomas Perrot. Attached to this document is supposed to be a seal with the Picton coat-of-arms attached. George Owen describes the coat of arms thus in his words of around 1600:.

“The coat of the Pictons is gules three pikes nayant argent”. This translates roughly as “Red background, with three pike [fish] lying in silver”.

This John Picton may turn out to be a cousin of Jenkin/Jankyn Picton, who was in Newport in 1434 with lots of houses and land – and from whom it is suspected we all descend.

If one scans the first line of the image at high resolution you can make out John Picton quite clearly. It is in latin so Johes = Johannis = John followed by picton – with the “P” lower case; the “c” and “t” looking almost identical, with just a vestigial cross stroke on the “t” and a flourishing “n” at the end -- got it now??!! You can also just make out the beginning of Thomae [Thomas] Perot at the end of the line – before it fades into the murk at the right hand edge.

John Picton written in 1422

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1422 Deed of John Picton with Picton Coat of Arms seal

Picton Coat of Arms seal enlarged

measuring no bigger than about 1 cm in both directions

1422 Deed of John Picton (view of a section of the deed)

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