Biddle Pictures

Part 3

My Great Grandmother - Mary Biddle

Uncle Sam Biddle, Claribel Biddle, Mary (McBride) Biddle - 10/1/1923

At Venice Beach in California

Mary Biddle felt embarrassed and insisted on wearing her hose in the water.

My Great Grandparents

Left - Mary Biddle, Middle son Sam Biddle, Right Henry Biddle

Grandma Biddle and some family

Sitting: Mary (Biddle) Gilmore

Standing L-R: Clara Biddle, Sam Biddle, Mary (McBride) Biddle

Four Biddle Generations

By age, old to young: Mary (McBride) Biddle Bessie (Biddle) Idol, Margaret (Idol) Myers, Imogene (Myers) Sandt

Bessie (Biddle) Idol and Mary (McBride) Biddle

(daughter and Mother

look at the old clothes and Mary (McBride) Biddle had red hair)

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