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from Spokane, Washington

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Compact Picton Family Tree - From first Picton to Great Grandchildren of Stephen Picton or his brother Owen Picton

Owen Picton family with son Lewis Picton - Photo provided by Catrin Unwin

Owen Picton was born 1838, a brother of Stephen Picton and his son Lewis Picton was born 1877.

Legend of Lewis Picton - about Alaska search for gold

My grandfather Owen Picton of Hiawatha, Kansas (was a son of Stephen Picton and a different Owen Picton) had a sister (Mary Hatch) who on her way to Alaska, stopped and visited the below cousin Lewis Picton at Spokane, WA who worked for the railroad as an engineer. The sister to my grandfather and her family were going to Alaska to prospect for gold. They made a rich gold strike but sold it cheap.


1. Lewis PICTON was from Spokane, Washington State, USA.

9-11 event

On September 11, 1908; Ellis Island manifest lists Lewis Picton returning to the USA from a visit to England. It said that he had lived from 1905 to 1908 at Spokane, WA., he was a locomotive fireman, age 31, married, 5 foot 11 inches, and he had a scar on his right cheek. A contact person was a Grace Rees Picton. He had last stayed at Fishguard, Wales. He sailed on the S.S. Lusitania. Lewis Picton age 31 sailed from Liverpool, England, UK on the ship Lusitania and the ship stopped at Queenstown. He sailed from Queenstown, Cork, Munster, Ireland on the ship Lusitania on September 6 and arrived in New York on Sept 11, 1908.

Ellis Island manifest lists Grace Rees Picton age 26 sailed from Liverpool, England, UK on January 16, 1909 on the ship Lucania with arrival in New York on January 25, 1909. That John Rees Owen was her closes living relative in the country she was coming from. When you are viewing the original manifest for his travel and the picture of the ship he sailed on, just place the mouse icon over the manifest or picture, hold down the right mouse button and you should be able to save it to your computer disk. The web address for Ellis Island travel information is:

Grace Olrun reported: "Lewis Picton lived in Spokane and other regions with his bride Grace. They had four children: Owen, Margaret, Elizabeth and Lewis Rees, my (our) father. To my understanding he brought the first diesel locomotive into the Pacific Northwest network, carried mail & supplies up the Chilkoot Pass during the Alaskan Goldrush and ran away to be a cabin boy on a high seas freighter at the tender age of 12 or 13 from Wales."

He was married to Grace Rees OWEN. Lewis PICTON and Grace Rees OWEN had the following children:

    • +2 i. Owen John PICTON (born in 1909).

    • +3 ii. (Margaret) Morfydd Louise PICTON (born in 1914).

    • +4 iii. (Elizabeth) Mary Elizabeth PICTON (born in 1918).

    • +5 iv. Lewis Rees PICTON.


2. Owen John PICTON was born in 1909.

Owen John PICTON and Priscilla M had the following children:

    • +6 i. Vaughn R. PICTON.

    • 7 ii. Penelope PICTON.

3. (Margaret) Morfydd Louise PICTON was born in 1914.

She was married to L BARNABY.

4. (Elizabeth) Mary Elizabeth PICTON was born in 1918.

She was married to E MONTGOMERY. (Elizabeth) Mary Elizabeth PICTON and E MONTGOMERY had the following children:

    • 8 i. David MONTGOMERY. He lives at Issaquah, WA U.S.A. and has two descendents.

    • 9 ii. John L MONTGOMERY.

5. Lewis Rees PICTON.

He was married to Glenda G. Lewis Rees PICTON and Glenda G had the following children:

    • +10 i. Lewis Garrett PICTON.

    • 11 ii. Daniel Rees PICTON. He lives at Post Falls, ID U.S.A.

    • +12 iii. Morgan Owen PICTON.

    • +13 iv. Grace PICTON.


6. Vaughn R. PICTON.

Vaughn R. PICTON had the following children:

    • 14 i. Mark PICTON. I think he has one descendent.

10. Lewis Garrett PICTON. He lives at Manson, WA U.S.A.

Lewis Garrett PICTON and Ellen Moe had the following children:

    • 15 i. Llewellin H PICTON.

    • 16 ii. Tristan W PICTON.

12. Morgan Owen PICTON. He lives at Manson, WA U.S.A.

He was married to Kathy W. Morgan Owen PICTON and Kathy W had the following children:

    • 17 i. Morgan L PICTON.

    • 18 ii. Evan W PICTON.

    • 19 iii. Garret J PICTON.

13. Grace PICTON. She lives at Anchorage, AK U.S.A. and has two descendents.

She was married to Elsen OLRUN.

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