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Currently held at Hiawatha, Kansas on the first Sunday of August on even years

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1942 Picton Reunion

L. to R.:Everett Vernon Picton, Frances Luella (Picton) Martin and daughter, Samuel Henry Picton, Martha Eliza (Roesch) Picton, Mary Carol (Picton) Syre', next person ?, Lyla Fay (Picton) Starrett and son, next person ?, Owen Samuel Picton with Mattie (Biddle) Picton (seated), Edna Faye (Picton) Appleoff, Stephen Picton John, Claribel (Picton) Bruning, John Philip Bowen (seated), Ray Appleoff, Jennie Louise (Bowen) Bowen, Mrs Fred Picton (seated) holding Dorothy Mae (Picton) Tubach, Mrs Seward Picton, Cleda (Stoltenberg) John, Beasie Morgan ?,Vera (Swaim) Bowen (seated), Lottie May (Schober) John, Stephen George Bowen, Louise Morgan (seated) holding Eleanor Jane (Picton) Stover, Ruth Esther (Hinton) Picton and son John Vernon Picton, (Dick) Richard Picton Bowen ?, Florence Elizabeth (Bowen) Futscher, last person ?.

Estimated above names taken from another picture:

Picton First Cousins

L. to R.: Everett Picton, Stephen Bowen, Beulah (Bowen) Watkins, Samuel Picton, Frances (Bowen) Goodwin, Marjorie (Picton) Reese, Frances Luella (Picton) Martin, Claribel (Picton) Bruning, Florence (Bowen) Futscher

Picture with 34th Annual Picton Reunion - year 1969

Picton Reunion from years 1957 to 1961 Account of Stephen Picton Family Journey from Wales

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