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Harry Zimmerman lived at Sunrise Beach, Lake of the Ozarks, MO in the late 1940’s and 1950's (son of Ludwig William Zimmerman and Grandson of Christoph Frederick Zimmerman). The family had a house fire and his stepson Kent lost his life. The Kent Memorial Lutheran Church was erected by him on the site of the house fire. The church sits on Hwy 5 and is on a hilly stretch of road. The site overlooks part of the Lake of the Ozarks. As I remember, Harry Zimmerman was a carpenter and house building contractor at Sunrise Beach, MO. He built his own house. The first night he moved in, the house caught fire and burnt down causing the death of Kent.

My Mother [Martha (Roesch) Picton] was a first cousin to Harry Zimmerman. Kent's death made the national news. In my country school our assignment at that time was to tell a current event. One of my classmates used this event as his current event and I wished I had. We visited the Harry Zimmerman family in Missouri along with my Aunt Lena Roesch in about 1952. We traveled as far as Memphis, TN and Aunt Lena went with us on the whole vacation. Dr. William Zimmerman of Midland College, Fremont, NE was a brother of Harry Zimmerman.

Another part of the story is that Dr. William Zimmerman had been elected as a delegate to a Lutheran Church Convention in Chicago at the time of the house fire. So he canceled his trip to the Lutheran Convention in Chicago and went to Missouri to help his brother. The person who replaced Dr. William Zimmerman to the Lutheran Church Convention in Chicago died in a hotel fire while at the convention in Chicago.

The following list are only the Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Brother and first cousins of Harry Zimmerman. This is how Kent Zimmerman fits into the Zimmermann family.

Descendants of Christoph Frederick ZIMMERMANN -


1-Christoph Frederick ZIMMERMANN (9 Jul 1834-15 Oct 1897)

sp: Margaretha Magdalena SUESS (22 Jul 1839-9 Jun 1909)

2-Magdalena (Lena) Katharina ZIMMERMANN (11 Aug 1862-9 Oct 1862)

2-Jacob Friedrich ZIMMERMANN (21 Aug 1863-31 Aug 1863)

2-Wilhelmina (Minnie) Magdalena ZIMMERMANN (16 Jan 1865-29 Jan 1865)

2-Karl Friedrich ZIMMERMAN (27 Feb 1866-26 Dec 1891 at 9 PM)

2-Christina ZIMMERMAN (30 May 1867-4 Feb 1941)

sp: Reinhard D HERBSTER (8 May 1854-13 May 1930)

3-Wilhelm Fred HERBSTER (14 Nov 1886-23 Oct 1955)

3-Elise (Eliza) HERBSTER (17 Nov 1887-Jan 1984)

3-Christina (Lena) HERBSTER (29 Jun 1889-15 Aug 1980)

3-Carl HERBSTER (9 Nov 1890-21 Nov 1890)

3-Charlie Karl HERBSTER (21 Sep 1891-3 Oct 1962)

3-Albert HERBSTER (24 Jan 1893-8 Jul 1988)

3-Friedrick (Fred) HERBSTER (16 Jul 1894-14 Mar 1967)

3-Reinhard (Rhinehard) HERBSTER (15 Feb 1896-18 Jun 1950)

3-Marie HERBSTER (-as a teenager)

3-Emma Christina HERBSTER (8 Oct 1898-25 Mar 1959)

3-Henry HERBSTER (15 Feb 1900-19 Feb 1995)

3-Ernst HERBSTER (21 Sep 1901-9 Dec 1928)

3-Herman HERBSTER (4 Jul 1903-Apr 1981)

3-Elmer HERBSTER (13 Jan 1905-Dec 1970)

3-Frieda K HERBSTER (16 Nov 1907-1996)

3-Martha HERBSTER (12 Dec 1908-abt 1910)

2-Magdalena Wilhelmina ZIMMERMANN (11 Nov 1869-26 Mar 1870)

2-Ludwig Wilhelm (William) ZIMMERMAN (30 Aug 1871-15 Mar 1941)

sp: Anna (Anne) HARTMAN (abt 1875-)

3-William ZIMMERMAN (20 Jul 1902-26 Dec 1997)

sp: Meta Salome UNGERER (12 Dec 1905-)

3-Alice Marie ZIMMERMAN (24 Aug 1907-7 May 1993)

sp: Rev Arthur (Art) Malvin SIMONSEN (24 Feb 1909-5 Jun 1997)

3-Lela Anne ZIMMERMAN (28 Sep 1910-Apr 199)

3-Harry Charles ZIMMERMAN (15 Jun 1913-)

sp: Dorothy STRUBLE (26 Apr 1904-29 Aug 1997)

*** 4-Kent ZIMMERMAN (1937-1949) **************

3-Wilma Louise ZIMMERMAN (19 May 1915-3 Nov 1987)

sp: Rev Leo Robert NIELSEN (12 Oct 1906-5 Oct 2000)

2-August Heinrich (Henry) ZIMMERMAN (4 Aug 1873-1946)

sp: Frieda FRITZ (abt 1877-5 May 1929)

3-Carl ZIMMERMAN (-)

2-Maria (Mary) Magdalena ZIMMERMANN (26 May 1877-15 Nov 1959)

sp: Heinrich (Henry) Jacob ROESCH (17 Feb 1872-28 May 1943)

3-Magdalena (Lena) Christina ROESCH (19 Oct 1899-24 Mar 2001)

3-Jacob (Fred) Frederick ROESCH (30 Nov 1901-22 Jan 1984)

3-Mary Bertha ROESCH (2 Jan 1904-9 Jan 1989)

3-Henry Otto ROESCH (1 Jan 1906-13 Apr 1977)

3-Martha Eliza ROESCH (2 Dec 1907-3 Jul 1987)

3-(infant) ROESCH (-)

3-(infant) ROESCH (Northeast of Falls City, NE-)

3-Walter Elmer ROESCH (17 Aug 1912-10 Mar 1947)

3-Wilbur Herbert ROESCH (30 Oct 1914-18 Jan 1994)

3-Edgar Robert ROESCH (10 Jan 1917-14 Feb 2000)

2-Wilhelmina (Minnie) Katharina ZIMMERMAN (29 Mar 1879-27 May 1948)

sp: Franz C ZORN (abt 1875-)

3-Edna ZORN (16 Jul 1901-7 Sep 1998)

3-Margaret ZORN (23 Jan 1913-29 May 1955)

3-Fred C ZORN (-)

3-Walter ZORN (-)

2-Elise (Eliza) ZIMMERMAN (12 Aug 1881-22 Apr 1961)

sp: Elmer John HEY (1 Apr 1880-27 Oct 1930)

3-Henry HEY (12 Nov 1903-21 Dec 1989)

3-Elizabeth Mina HEY (1 Feb 1905-5 Sep 1997)

3-Alma HEY (21 Jun 1907-10 Feb 1983)

3-Elmer HEY (27 Dec 1909-Oct 1986)

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