Biddle Pictures

Part 7

BK L. to R.: Charles Idol, Bessie Biddle Idol holding Emily Virginia Idol, Calvin Biddle, Grace Biddle, Sam Biddle,Lulu Biddle Phillips, holding Mary Ellen Phillips,Bercha (Sam's wife), Mattie Biddle Picton,George Biddle, Mary Biddle Gilmore,Charles Gilmore.

FT L. to R.: Wilma Biddle, Marjorie Picton, Margaret Idol, Harrison Idol, Henry and Mary Biddle(with Howard Phillip and Samuel Picton in front) Helen Gilmore, Claribel Picton, Elizabeth Gilmore and Mary Idol. Gordon Biddle behind Helen Gilmore

At Henry & Mary Biddle home about 1912 because Emily Idol was born in 1912 and is a baby less than a year old.

maybe switch Helen and Wilma and I think picture taken 8/6/1913

Grandma Mattie Picton for dinner at her house in 1952

BK L-R: Isabel Idol, Martha Picton, Samuel Picton, Owen Picton,unknown, Dorothy Picton, think Grandma Mattie Picton, unknown, John Reese, Claribel Bruning, Margorie Reese, Mary Picton,unknown, Harrison Idol, Lulu Phillips, unknown, unknown, Paul Bruning, unknown

3 children in front are unknown

That Sunday, we arrived, clothes were hanging on the cloths line and the place smelled like a skunk. Grandma had gone out to the chicken house that morning, found a skunk and killed it.

BK L-R: Wayne McNish, Paul Bruning, Martha Picton, John Reese, Claribel (Picton) Bruning, Marjorie (Picton) Reese, Wesley Reese and the Mother of Wesley Reese

Ft: Grandma Mattie (Biddle) Picton, Owen, Mary, and Dorothy Picton

Mt. Zion Methodist Sunday School Teachers

Brown County, Kansas, USA

L-R: Beulah Schooler, Eva Jones, Mrs. Henry Narbett, Bessie Schooler, Mrs Fred Hillger, Mattie (Biddle) Picton

About 1915

The Henry Biddle family attended this church

BK: Henry Roesch and Isabel Idol

Middle: (Three Biddle sisters) Grandma Mattie Picton, Bessie Idol, Lulu Phillips then Mary (Idol) Roesch and Harrison Idol

Front: Harrison Idol Jr.

L-R: Charles Campbell, unknown think Emily (Idol) Campbell, Harrison Idol, Harrison Idol Jr. Henry Roesch, Harold Roesch, Lulu Phillip

Grandma Mattie Picton with her 3 children

L-R: Claribel (Picton) Bruning, Mattie Picton, Samuel Picton, Marjorie (Picton) Reese

L-R: Helen Majerus, Claribel (Picton) Bruning, Marjorie (Picton) Reese

Joan and Janie Evens and Ruth Alice Reese

Charles L. Idol

[husband of Bessie (Biddle) Idol]

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