Donovan Jenkins Pictures

Donovan Jenkins Sr

in Detroit


Don Jenkins

1941 Hickam Field, Hawaii

ID Pass

(think he was employed as a barber at Hickam Field at Pearl Harbor time frame)

(US Census - April 11, 1940 - living on Cemetery Road, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii

working as a cemetery care taker)

L to R: Donovan Jenkins, Grandpa CH Jenkins, Jim Jenkins, Millard Jenkins

and baby Wayne Jenkins

Clifton King, Blanche King

Clifton King is the son of Luther King, the brother of Elsie (King) Jenkins

Elsie (King) Jenkins is the Mother of Donovan Jenkins

L to R: Cousin Clifton and wife Blanche King and Donovan Jenkins

Marilyn and Don Jenkins Jr Wedding

L to R: Clifton King, Blanche King, Esther Jenkins, Marilyn Jenkins,Don Jenkins Jr, Thelma (Souza) Jenkins, Don Jenkins Sr, Coleen (Allen) Jenkins

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