Descendants of Melvin Milburn Taylor - 24 Jun 2009



1. Melvin Milburn Taylor was born on January 19, 1911 in Witten, SD. He died on June 14, 2002 in Broken Bow, Ne.

He was married to Lera Grace Gibson (daughter of Asa Raphael Gibson and Grace Alphretta(Alfretta) Barnhart) on November 23, 1933. Lera Grace Gibson was born on November 24, 1912 in Broken Bow, Ne. She died on August 11, 2007 in Broken Bow, Custer Co., NE. Melvin Milburn Taylor and Lera Grace Gibson had the following children:

+2 i. Loren Taylor.

+3 ii. Duane Taylor.

+4 iii. Rev Lila Ann Taylor (born on December 1940).

+5 iv. Lola Taylor.

+6 v. Dick Taylor.

+7 vi. Rex Taylor.

+8 vii. Kent Taylor.


2. Loren Taylor (Melvin Milburn-1).

He was married to Char.

3. Duane Taylor (Melvin Milburn-1).

He was married to Gayle.

4. Rev Lila Ann Taylor (Melvin Milburn-1) was born on December 13, 1940 in Broken Bow, Ne. She Misc2 was pastor of the United Methodist Churches. 2002 to June 2007 in Mullen, NE and Tryon, NE.

She was married to Owen Samuel PICTON (son of Samuel Henry PICTON and Martha Eliza Roesch) on September 24, 2004 in United Methodist Church, Mullen, Ne. Owen Samuel PICTON was born on December 1936 in Falls City, NE hospital.. He was baptized on March 7, 1937 in Mt Zion Methodist Church, rural Hiawatha. He was educated with a B.S. degree (a major in Math. and a minor in physics) from Midland College in May 1960 in Fremont, Dodge County, NE. He was a computer programmer and systems analyst. He resided Blair, Nebraska and currently 2121 Clay St, Ashland, NE 68057; e-mail

She was married to Charles Luther Jenkins (son of Donovan Arlan (D A) Jenkins and (Thelma) Mercedes Thelma Souza). Charles Luther Jenkins was born on March 24, 1933 in Honolulu, Hiawii. He died on December 28, 1985 in Bryan Hospital, Lincoln, NE. Rev Lila Ann Taylor and Charles Luther Jenkins had the following children:

+9 i. Corey Jenkins (born in 1966).

+10 ii. Suzanne Jenkins (born in 1969).

She was married to Ray Slater. She was divorced from Ray Slater.

5. Lola Taylor (Melvin Milburn-1).

She was married to Gene Chapin. Lola Taylor and Gene Chapin had the following children:

11 i. Ann Chapin.

+12 ii. Grant Chapin.

13 iii. Scott Chapin.

6. Dick Taylor (Melvin Milburn-1).

He was married to Jodene.

7. Rex Taylor (Melvin Milburn-1).

He was married to Sheryl.

8. Kent Taylor (Melvin Milburn-1).

He was married to Cindy.