Early Known Picton's

Creation of a list of early known Picton's who mainly lived from the late 1200's to 1600's and a few later. All known Picton's were listed from varies source locations, document numbers and source names. Most of the original documents are written in Latin and have been translated. Please let me know if you are aware of any ofter old Picton list. One of the list purposes is to attempt to identify possible names of all early known Picton's plus attempt to match it to the old golden grove pages. Some of the information selected for the comments field is also interesting. The records are sorted by the sort key field and within that by the start year field.

The sort key field is created by the left half being the earliest start year that the Picton individual first appeared on the list and the right half is his first name.The wife of the Picton is assigned the same sort key.

The golden grove field attempts to indicate if the Picton is listed on the 'Picton golden grove ms ca 1765'. Please let me know of any Picton that may not match properly to the golden grove pages. The number on this golden grove field indicates the wife's family page number on the golden grove and if that is not available then the Picton fathers last name is used.

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