Frank Taylor and his Brothers Family Pictures part 2

BK: Mollie Best, Effie Taylor, Etta Holm, Ida Belle Taylor, Mae Ruff, Yearington, Baily, Ruff

below- Mrs. Hiderman and son, George Milburn, Howard Taylor, Milburn Taylor, Elmer Best, Burrel Taylor, Lydia Best

Howard, Milburn, and Burrell Taylor

BK: Ida Bell and Frank

FT: Howard, Burrell and Milburn Taylor

Burrel, Howard and Milburn Taylor

LR: Howard, Milburn, (Father) Frank, (Mother) Ida Bell and Burrell Taylor

LR: Howard, Milburn, and their father Frank Taylor; Marion Wall; Burrell Taylor

BK: Howard Burrel, FT: Milburn and Ida Belle Taylor

Taylor Family

BK-LR- Dorothy & Dale Clark; AnnaMay, Burrel, Lera and Milburn Taylor

Center-LR Hazel & Howard Taylor; (Maybe Stella); Ralph Franlin and Ida Bell Taylor

Children-LR- Loren, Dona, Duane and Lila

Lila, Lera, Anna Mae, Dona, Ida Bell, Laura, Ione 1941

Left to right: Howard, Milburn, Lera, Frank, Ida, Burrel and Anna Mae

children Loren, Duane Dona

Howard Henry Taylor and Ida Belle Taylor

Ida Belle Taylor

Ida Belle Taylor age 80

Burrel Taylor

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