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Ancestor Information

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Henry Biddle married Mary McBride on 3 Dec 1868 at Tama County, Iowa

1850-1880 Indes to Marriages, Tama Co. IA - "B" Index - Page down to page 20 and look for Henry Biddle

The index shows that Henry Biddle married Mary McBride on 3 Dec 1868 by John Tod and is in Marriage Book A page 104

Notes on the Genealogy of the Biddle Family by Henry D. Biddle in 1895 Printed Philadelphia: W S Fortescue & Co., (Successors to E. C. & J. Biddle & Co.) (printed in 1895); (To page forward - click on left or right at bottom of page)

Shows my Grandmother Martha Biddle #218 on top Page 39 (also known as Mattie Biddle 1900 US census)

Shows my Great Grandmother Mary McBride with her husband Great Grandfather Henry Biddle #116 on bottom Page 38 (Not Henry D. Biddle)

Maternal Line Information-6 Generations - starts with Mary (McBride) Biddle in 1850 to present - Mitochonrial DNA Haplogroup U5a1

Mary (McBride) Biddle grave - view her tombstone

Located next to where Mt Zion Methodist Church once stood and she was a member of.

My Great Grandmother, Mary McBride was adopted and she always referred to the parents (James and Martha (Alexander) McBride) who raised her as Aunt and Uncle. The adopted parents last name was McBride and they lived in Iowa. They raised a number of children plus the adopted girl who was my Great Grandmother.

DNA Comparison Research

I had a DNA distant cousin match by an organization called 23andMe. The DNA distant cousin said his mothers maiden name was McBride and was from Iowa. I traced the physical descendants of the Aunt and Uncle McBride couple using US Census records down to the DNA distant cousin who answered me. So the DNA distant cousin also can be proved to be a genealogical descendant from the Aunt and Uncle. I feel this proves by matching DNA that the Aunt and Uncle in Iowa were my Great Grandmothers real Aunt and Uncle as follows:

Martha (Alexander) and James McBride (Aunt and Uncle)

William Alexander McBride

Robert Hollmes McBride

Priscilla Ann McBride

Matching DNA distant cousin

I did this by submitting my DNA to a DNA matching site called 23andMe who show that I am by my DNA to be a distant cousin to one person who happens to be a descendant of James and Martha (Alexander) McBride. I match to the distant cousin on segments positions 156000000 to 176000000 and positions 180000000 to 188000000 in Chromosome 3 and on segment positions 3000000 to 6000000 in Chromosome 6. Additionally, my cousins Ruth Alice (Reese) McNish and Harold L. Roesch who are descendant of Mary (McBride) Biddle also DNA match to this matching DNA distant cousin. So, I think this proves that Henry and Mary McBride were Uncle and Aunt of my ancestor Mary (McBride) Biddle.

Additionally, I submitted my same 23andMe DNA to and matched to another distant cousin who happens to also be a descendant of the same James and Martha (Alexander) McBride. I feel by this additional DNA match to the Aunt and Uncle in Iowa, it is additional proof they are my Great Grandmothers real Aunt and Uncle as follows:

Martha (Alexander) and James McBride (Aunt and Uncle)

Martha (McBride) Everts

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Marie (Everts) Lynde

Malvern Edwin Lynde

Second matching distant cousin

Some of the genealogical records on the internet are confusing for this Aunt and Uncle. How in Iowa there are two different James McBride men in the same time frame with the same name. How they show James McBride died in about 1901 at the wrong location (the wrong person) and also shows James McBride as listed at a valid location (the right person) on the 1910 census with his son William. To me, this proves that DNA records can be more dependable than genealogical records.

This is a link to the History of Hardin County, Iowa 1883 book.

James and Martha (Alexander) McBride information (adopted parents of Mary (McBride) Biddle, the wife of Henry Biddle):

page down to writeup by James McBride: or

History of Hardin County, Iowa 1883 (Book)- Alternate Location - this works

Select page 883 and page down to page 886.

My ancestor Mary (McBride) Biddle was raised by James and Martha McBride and called them Aunt and Uncle. My DNA matches several of the descendants of James and Martha McBride so they must really be her Aunt and Uncle.

"James McBride was born in county Antrim, Irelend, Townland of Tulegraley, July 23, 1827. He came to America in 1847, and soon after located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was engaged in carpet manufacturing, remaining until 1860, when he followed the business of farming, he remained here until 1867, when he went to Bureau county, Illinois; then went to Clinton county, Iowa, where he remained three years; when he went to Tama county, remaining five years; in 1872, he located in Eldora township, Hardin county, where he remained three years; then he spent one year at Point Pleasant; and in 1876 he bought the farm where he now lives on section 9, Tipton township; he was married July 23, 1850, to Miss Martha Alexander, born in county Derry, Ireland, April 6, 1832. They have eight children -- Jane, born January 25, 1852; Martha, born May 24, 1854; Annie, born April 21, 1856; Robert, born Feb 28, 1858; William, born April 4, 1860; Sarah, born August 12, 1865; Thomas, born August 10, 1867; John, born April 2, 1869; an adopted daughter, Mary, born January 28, 1850."

(James McBride lists his eight children and lists as an adopted daughter Mary McBride who I know was the wife of Henry Biddle. Henry and Mary Biddle are my Great Grandparents. Mary (McBride) Biddle called her adopted parents Aunt and Uncle and I proved they were her Aunt and Uncle by doing the above DNA Comparison Research.)

History of Hardin County, Iowa 1911 (Book)- this currently does not work!!!

James and Martha (Alexander) McBride information (adopted parents of Mary (McBride) Biddle, the wife of Henry Biddle):

page down to writeup by Robert McBride: or

History of Hardin County, Iowa 1911 (Book)- Alternate Location - this currently does not seem to work!!!

Page down to page 501, 502 and 503.

"No more painstaking or up-to-date farmer could be found within the limits of Hardin county than Robert McBride, as a glance over his well cultivated and well kept fields will show, his place in Tipton township being in every respect a model twentieth-century farm.

Mr. McBride was born in Bureau county, Illinois , February 28, 1858 . He is the son of James and Martha (Alexander) McBride, both natives of Ireland , the father born in county Antrim and the mother in county Derry . She came to Canada as a child with her parents and there they died, after which she came to Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , with her brothers. James McBride emigrated to America in 1847 and located in Philadelphia, where he remained seven years and where he and Martha Alexander were married, after which they went to Bureau county, Illinois, where they lived on a farm until 1863, when they moved to Clinton county, Iowa, where they lived on a farm until 1866, when they moved to Hardin county, this state, securing a farm in Eldora township, southeast of Eldora. Remaining there three years, they moved to Tipton township, one-half mile west of Point Pleasant , securing a good farm of one hundred and sixty acres in section 9, but they did not move on this place until four years after they had bought it. There they remained until 1879, when they moved to Tipton township, where Mr. McBride still resides, having there a fine farm. His wife passed away in April, 1910. She was a good woman, a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, as is also Mr. McBride. Eight children were born to them, namely: Jane is living in Colorado; Martha lives in Johnson county, Missouri; Annie lives in Tama county, Iowa; Robert, of this review; William is farming in Buckeye township, this county; Sara died January 19, 1882, when eighteen years of age; Thomas died December 29, 1881, when fifteen years old; John is farming in Buckeye township, this county.

Robert McBride received only a limited schooling, but he has become a widely read man. He lived at home until his marriage, on March 18, 1885 , to Anna M. Montgomery, a native of county Cavan , Ireland , the daughter of Hugh and Maria (Lang) Montgomery, both natives of county Cavan , Ireland ; the father was a farmer and spent his life in his home country, dying in 1876. His widow came to America and died in Tama county, Iowa , in 1901; it was in 1880 that she brought her eight children to America , locating in Tama county. Six of the children are living, namely: William died in August, 1892; Maggie lives in Ames , Iowa ; Robert lives in Tama county, Iowa ; Anna M., wife of the subject; Sarah lives in Tama county, Iowa ; and there also resides Martha; Hugh died January 6, 1911 ; Eliza died September 17, 1901 .

To Mr. and Mrs. McBride seven children were born, namely: Martha is the wife of Henry Keilsmeier, of Hubbard , Iowa ; Lucy is the wife of Roy Redout, of Buckeye township, this county; Sadie, William, Thomas, Hattie and Wesley are all at home. They have all been educated in the home schools, Thomas attending school at Hubbard.

Since their marriage Mr. and Mrs. McBride have lived on their present farm in Tipton township. He has a well improved place and a very substantial and pleasant home and outbuildings. He has devoted his life to farming and stock raising and has been repaid with a large measure of success. He is known as a raiser of short-horn cattle, and for many years he has been a breeder of thoroughbred Jersey Red hogs, and he raises a most excellent grade of Percheron horses, all of his live stock finding a very ready sale owing to their fine quality.

Mr. McBride and family are members of the Methodist Episcopal church in their neighborhood. He always voted the Republican ticket, but is now a Prohibitionist. He has never been an aspirant for any public office."

James and Martha (Alexander) McBride information (adopted parents of Mary (McBride) Biddle, the wife of Henry Biddle):

John Hild spent the first twenty-six years of his life in Carroll county, Illinois, and he came then to Tama county, Iowa. He married here, in 1872, Miss Jane McBride, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1852, a daughter of James and Martha (Alexander) McBride. The parents were both born in County Antrim, Ireland, but came when young to the United States, and they were married in Philadelphia. Both are living now at Hubbard, Iowa, aged respectively eighty-two and seventy-six years. They came to Tama county in 1867, residing for a time in Carroll township, but after a time they bought a farm in and moved to Perry township; and later, selling that land, they moved to Hardin county, where they also bought property. Nine children have blessed the marriage union of Mr. and Mrs. Hild, namely: John M., a farmer in South Dakota, married a daughter of W. G. Malin, of Toledo, and they have four children; Olive A. died in October of 1896, while a student at Western (now Leander Clark) College, at Toledo; Robert H., of Traer, married Annie Carlile, and they have three children ; Martha P. is the wife of Charles W. Burgess, a farmer in Colorado, and they have five children ; Beryl M. is the wife of the Rev. E. F. Clark, pastor of the United Brethren church at Cambridge, Iowa, and they are the parents of one child; Daniel died in childhood ; Thomas A., a farmer in Colorado, married Miss Ethel Ross, a daughter of Charles Ross, and they have two children ; Emma J. is the wife of L. W. Clough, of Colorado, and they have two children ; and Miss Esther Pauline is at home with her parents.

Mr. Hild has been a lifelong supporter of Republican principles, and his first presidential vote was cast for A. Lincoln. In Illinois, in 1864, he enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Forty-sixth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and he served until the close of the war, receiving his honorable discharge as a corporal. During his military career he was never seriously wounded and was never absent from duty, and he served with Logan’s department in the Western army. He is now a member of the J . G. Safley Post, G. A. R., of Traer, and he is also a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Traer, being a charter member of the order, and also identified with the Encampment of that order. Both he and his wife are members of the United Brethren church at Traer.

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