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updated 02/14/2021

Starting at R-U106 a little ways before R-L493

Based on a report at FTDNA under Big Y matches for Owen Picton


Big Y ???.csv file at R1b1c_U106-S21_Haplogroup (am having trouble locating)


Showing the sequence how SNP's formed and when branching occurred.

Note: When a SNP comes into being, everyone below and following has that new SNP

Plus based on a view how SNP's are divided up by individual under the L493 SNP in the R-U106 STR Listings, click on STR Listings, then go to the page selection, select about page 5, (or about row number 2438) go down to R-L48, go down to R-L47 and then continue on down to R-L493 and R-L477. This shows how people with common ancestors to me are divided up under the L493 SNP such as Try/Clark/Nichols/Hallatt/Burgess/Picton common ancestors. At this time, in this report, there are 55 people who have SNP L45 with a total report of about an estimated 5500 people or just 1 percent of the report have L45.

R-U106 estimated age 3022 BC (3699 BC - 2465 BC)

R-Z381 estimated age 2964 BC (3589 BC - 2432 BC)

R-Z301 estimated age 2752 BC (3362 BC - 2211 BC)

R-L48 estimated age 2598 BC (3181 BC - 2080 BC)

R-L47 estimated age 2283 BC (2929 BC - 1673 BC)

R-L44 estimated age 1935 BC (2631 BC - 1279 BC),

R-L163 estimated age 1692 BC (2368 BC - 1076 BC)

R-L46 estimated age 1415 BC (2120 BC - 742 BC) - Durr-108880 family (Germany)

R-L45 estimated age 367 BC (1043 BC - 187 AD) R-L164, R-FGC10241/22476838, CTS11988, CTS7848, FGC10242, FGC10244, FGC83477, L237, S1920, S192 and S1938

Gairson-561441 family

R-FT209509, FT209276 Morgan-B447857 family

R-S1936 age 151 AD (514 AD - 737 AD)

R-S1936 Robinette-27477 family (location London, England)

R-S1936 Bye family

R-CTS1863/BY16524 age 1337 AD (884 AD - 1646 AD)

R-CTS1863/BY16524 McKibbin-N15419 family (location Ireland),

R-CTS1863/BY16524 Megibben-318372 family

R-CTS1863/BY16524 Pocock-456028 family


Hunnicutt-389585 family (location England)

Price-290681 family

R-BY40273 Taylor-183263 family

R-BY40267 Wheeler-561441 family

R-L493/15800326 age 110 AD (466 BC - 583 AD), R-L477/2867288, R-FGC13661/7244073, R-8638850

If you are R-L493, then you are also R-L45

R-BY16534/16523211, R-A14299/7454777 and FT3283

Hamby-937583 family

Johnson-863224 family

R-A14298/15724748 age 707 AD (146 AD - 1180 AD)

Try-490251 family - (England)

R-BY62942, BY219340 and BY122603

Clark-B9236 family


Mansure-875575 family


Gordon-105253 family (location Scotland)

Gordon-N70046 family (location Scotland)

Gordon-N116656 family (location Scotland)

R-BY105605, BY67146, BY86709, BY75503, BY151267, BY155323, and BY115320

Thomas(Turner)-N39678 family (location England)

R-FGC10248/10004175 age 235 AD (285 BC - 678 AD)

R-L292 - Robert Venter-109845 family (location England)

R-FGC30627 Forrest-227594 family (location Scotland)

R-FGC30616/(FGC30619?)/BY9033/7137550 age 1323 AD (785 AD - 1688 AD),

FGC30618, FGC30619, FGC30623, FGC30625, FGC30626, FGC30627, an FGC30629

Nicholls-369019 families - (location England)

Hallatt-131142 families - (location UK)

Isaak Hallett(Snow)-B238754 families - (location England)

R-FGC10249/14253518 age 392 AD (102 BC - 828 AD) FGC10251/14759054

Christopher Venter Family

Andersson(Lindqvist)-628341 family (location Sweden)

Croft-464544 family (location England)

Croft-631246 family (location England)



Burgress-35011 family (location England)

Richards-88228 family (location England)


Ward-328873 family

R-FGC10247/8519194 age 1454 AD (978 AD - 1762 AD), BY41116/28812842(8801380.AG.A?)

Mr. Kim Sinclair Family (in FTDNA Family Finder. Lives in New Zealand-ancestors from Scotland

The Picton Family Tree alignment below is being research and may change

R-FGC10252/15353475, FGC10245/6053650, FGC10246, 15784769/(FGC10253),

17881502/(FGC10256), FGC10259, FGC10260, 22440176/(FGC10263), FGC10264,

23410034/(FGC10266), 23472658/(FGC10267), FGC10268, and FGC23129/23049321

(Picton of Whitechurch)Owen Picton-N20541 family (Location Wales)-

For Owen Picton-N20541 and R-FGC23122 families- guess common

ancestor lived about 1454 AD

R-FGC23122, 15962102, 15038711, 13816165, 10963808, 10981075, 12299603,

15959584, 21193444

(Picton of Burton & Freystrop)-113151Family -has unique non-matching variants

6005496, 10217473 (Location Wales)


(Picton of Camrose & USA)-127488 family - has unique non-matching variants

L319, L348, L349, 8413218, FT26874 and BY27054


(Picton of Haroldston West)-163787 family


(Picton of Cosheston)-127485 family - has unique non-matching variants

BY16, and 19225118

(Picton of Cosheston)-127483 family - has unique non-matching variants

5736025, 7887408 and 13154167

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