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updated 05/24/2022

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Starting at R-U106 a little ways before R-L493

Based on a report at FTDNA under Big Y matches for Owen Picton


Big Y ???.csv file at R1b1c_U106-S21_Haplogroup (am having trouble locating)


Ages based on calculations using new

on 08/10/2022

Showing the sequence how SNP's formed and when branching occurred.

Note: When a SNP comes into being, everyone below and following has that new SNP

Plus based on a view how SNP's are divided up by individual under the L493 SNP in the R-U106 STR Listings, click on STR Listings, then go to the page selection, select about page 5, (or about row number 2438) go down to R-L48, go down to R-L47 and then continue on down to R-L493 and R-L477. This shows how people with common ancestors to me are divided up under the L493 SNP such as Try/Clark/Nichols/Hallatt/Burgess/Picton common ancestors. At this time, in this report, there are 55 people who have SNP L45 with a total report of about an estimated 5500 people or just 1 percent of the report have L45.

R-L151 Likely origin: Ukraine or other western former Soviet states. (R-L151>U106)

R-U106 estimated age 3022 BC (3699 BC - 2465 BC) Likely origin: Ukraine or other western former Soviet states.

R-Z381/S263 estimated age 2964 BC (3589 BC - 2432 BC)

R-Z301/S499 estimated age 2752 BC (3362 BC - 2211 BC)


R-L48 estimated age 2598 BC (3181 BC - 2080 BC) Likely origin: western or central Europe. L49 is noticeably rarer in Ireland and France than the rest of R-Z381, suggesting it stuck closer to the Germanic populations than Celtic in its later migrations. It is also rare in the Meditteranean. However, it is relatively common across all three branches (west, north, east) of the Germanic cultural sphere. It is really through R-L48 that R-U106 inherits the dubiously-correct badge of being the clade of the Germanic peoples.

R-L47/S170 estimated age 2283 BC (2929 BC - 1673 BC) R-L47 is not common in British Isles, though this varies considerably among its sub-clades. Universally, however, it is more common in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland, and less common in Scotland and Northern Ireland. R-L47 is comparatively rare in western Europe - exceptionally so in some of the more recent clades. However, both R-L44 and R-Z159 have a strong presence in Poland and the Czech Republic,

R-L44 estimated age 1935 BC (2631 BC - 1279 BC),FGC6183 Likely origin: central Europe

R-L163/S352 estimated age 1692 BC (2368 BC - 1076 BC)

R-L46 estimated age 1415 BC (2120 BC - 742 BC) - Durr-108880 family (Germany)

Iain McDonald on 10/10/2021 states: 'R-L46 is a second-millennium BC haplogroup. Only 86 of this haplogroup can trace back their ancestry to Europe. About 57% of our testers who know their ancestral origins come from the British Isles, despite the fact the British Isles only represent about 11% of all R-U106.

Despite this, 79 out of the 86 testers in R-L46 come from the British Isles, or about 92%. Despite this amazingly high percentage, the biases involved mean we struggle to separate a really successful migration into the British Isles from a haplogroup that was "born" in Britain or Ireland in the first place. This is doubly complicated by the fact that the remaining seven testers scatter all over northern continental Europe and Scandinavia, mimicking the distribution of many other R-U106 clades. So it's not like one branch of R-L46 migrated from Britain to the continent. R-L46 is one of the best contenders we have for an ancient haplogroup born in Britain, but Iain suspects it's probably still founded in continental Europe and that the main migration to the British Isles happened within the last 2200 years.

R-L46 separates into R-L45 and R-BY35830. Both probably date from the first-millennium BC. R-BY35830 is the smaller branch, with only twenty testers total, only nine of whom know their origins: six English, one Irish, one German and one Pole.'

R-L45 estimated age 367 BC (1043 BC - 187 AD) R-L164, R-FGC10241/22476838, CTS11988, CTS7848, FGC10242, FGC10244, FGC83477, L237, S1920, S192 and S1938. R-L45 is majority British (66 out of 70 European testers) and not dominated by a single family, so meets the criteria for being a British-origin haplogroup (or at least one which rapidly became British after its arrival), thus is among the few potentially pre-Roman British haplogroups. Note, however, a Danish Viking burial is R-L45>L493>FGC10248>FGC10249.

Gairson-561441 family

R-FT209509, FT209276 Morgan-B447857 family

R-S1936 age 151 AD (514 AD - 737 AD)

R-S1936 Robinette-27477 family (location London, England)

R-S1936 Bye family

R-CTS1863/BY16524 age 1337 AD (884 AD - 1646 AD)

R-CTS1863/BY16524 McKibbin-N15419 family (location Ireland),

R-CTS1863/BY16524 Megibben-318372 family

R-CTS1863/BY16524 Pocock-456028 family


Hunnicutt-389585 family (location England)

Price-290681 family

R-BY40273 Taylor-183263 family

R-BY40267 Wheeler-561441 family

R-L493/15800326 age 150 AD (610 BC - 273 AD), R-L477/2867288, R-FGC13661/7244073, R-8638850

If you are R-L493, then you are also R-L45

Abel White-298100 family (1745-1823)

David O. Angell-368552 family

Edward Browne-409300 family (b. 9/9/1586 d. 1610), England

Nathaniel Clark-736711 family b. 1771 New Haven, CT

Sabbath Clarke-68995 family, b.1587, Burton upon Trent, England

Hermann Becker-25366 family, b.1829, Cologne, Germany

JOC: Joseph Everett Franklin/Carter-N59000 family USA

William the Conqueror, Capt. Warman-289913 family 1607 England

R-BY16534/16523211, R-A14299/7454777 and FT3283


Aaron Hamby-937583 family (b. Abt. 1792 KY)

John Johnson-863224 family (1806-1873 ) USA

R-A14298/15724748 age 707 AD (146 AD - 1180 AD


Thomas Try-490251 family b.1743 Surrey Eng ?orig Atte Rythe Hants - (England)

Thomas Reader-153980 family, b.1750, Newfoundland, Canada/England

R-BY62942, BY219340 and BY122603


Mansure-875575 family b. abt 1804 and d. 1873

George Washington Clark-B9236 family, b. 1810 Dinwiddie,VA


Donald Gordon-105253 family (location Scotland)

Donald Gordon-N70046 family (location Scotland)

Donald Gordon-N116656 family (b.1776 Strathdon d.1842 Dundee, Scotland)


R-BY105605, BY86709, BY75503, BY151267, BY155323, and BY115320

Thomas(Turner)-N39678 family (1699 ?Liverpool d1791) CT/ England

R-FGC10248/10004175 age 50 BC (535 BC - 379 AD)


R-FGC30616/(FGC30619?)/BY9033/7137550 age 1400 AD (1049 AD - 1662 AD),

FGC30618, FGC30619, FGC30623, FGC30625, FGC30626, FGC30627, an FGC30629

George Hallatt-131142 families -(b. 1806, Handsworth, Sheffield, England


Henry W. Nicholls-369019 families - (location England)

William Hallett(Snow)-B238754 families - (b. 1521, England)



Stephen Lee, s.of Walter,-920936 families -(1661-1725) Lebanon, CT/ England

HGG Forrest-227594 families -(b.~1890 approx. No birth cert., UK

(U106>Z2265>BY30097>FTT8>Z381>Z301>L48>L47>L44>L163>L46>L45> L493>FGC10248>FGC10249)

R-FGC10249/14253518 age 150 AD (315 BC - 564 AD) FGC10251/14759054

(531=12) Olof Andersson(Lindqvist)-628341 family (1755 d.-1813) Dunker (D) Sweden)


John Lucock-255969 family, (1706 - 1767) (location England)


George Croft-464544 family (1778 - 1851 ) (location England)

George Croft-631246 family b. 1778 (location Scamblesby, Lincoln England)


Robert Venter-109845 Family b. 1567, Thornton-by-Castle, Linc, England

Robert Venter-154194 family b. 1567, Lincolnshire, England


Thomas Richards-88228 family (location England) b. 1771

FGC54227 Thomas Burgress-35011 family (location England)

R-M8341/13943825 age 450 AD (7 AD - 790 AD)

Michael Ward-328873 family (1650-1720)

(U106>Z2265>BY30097>FTT8>Z381>Z301>L48>L47>L44>L163>L46>L45> L493>FGC10248>FGC10249>M8341>FGC10247)

R-FGC10247/8519194 age500 AD(60AD-832AD),BY41116/28812842(8801380.AG.A?

John Sinclair (c 1742-dead before 1859) Family (from Lossiemouth,Scotland) (in FTDNA

Family Finder. Lives in New Zealand-ancestors from Scotland

(U106>Z2265>BY30097>FTT8>Z381>Z301>L48>L47>L44>L163>L46>L45> L493>FGC10248>FGC10249>M8341>FGC10247>FGC10245)

R-FGC10245/6053650 age700 AD(257AD-1017AD)

Henry Harmon-105285 family b. 1792 Virginia/Germany

The Picton Family Tree alignment below is being researched and may change

(Based on Big Y matches and Big Y block tree) at: my.familytreedna.com

All the Picton's tested have a clade that test to L47>L44>L163>L46>L45>L493>FGC10248>FGC10249 >M8341>FGC10247>FGC10245>FGC10252 which includes FGC10249

Where did the first male Picton come from? Could they have been Flemish? Could they have been Viking?

The Picton's in Pembrokeshire could as likely have been some of the Flemish that came into Pembrokeshire, Wales with Wizo, the Flemish warlord from Flanders.



Raymond Wing has created a new map at: Ancient/Medieval U106 map (easymapmaker.com)

Go to item 69 and I think grave VK384 that shows an individual that has L47>L44>L163>L46>L45>L493>FGC10248>FGC10249 and

Death date: 850-900

Age: 35-55

Culture: Danish Viking

Paper: Margaryan 2020

Another file [R1b-U106] Ancient DNA database lists the same Viking grave VK384 and also shows the same male clade FGC10249 plus adds an additional SNP called FGC54229. Being only one grave would represent a small number of people. One must scroll down the file until you come to the grave VK384. This grave is in the Hesselbjerg Cemetery, Randlev, Odder, Jutland, Denmark.

This shows that in 850 to 900 AD a man died in Denmark who had a male clade having FGC10249 which is the same as all Male Picton's have. The VK384 Viking could not be an ancester because he has SNP FGC54229 which the Picton's do not have but we would have common ancestors.

Picton Castle is on the banks of Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, Wales overlooking the spot where Milford Haven's two bodies of waters merge into a single body of water flowing to the sea.

The following is a quote from the above History of Milford Haven. "From the 790s until the Norman Invasion in 1066, the waterway was used occasionally by Vikings looking for shelter. During one visit in 854, the Viking chieftain Hubba wintered in the Haven with 23 ships. Evidence of metal working in the area was recently excavated, suggesting a level of industrialization in the period 750 - 1100." Could this be how my Picton ancestors got to Pembrokeshire, Wales? Could all this mean the ancestors of the Picton male line in 850 to 900 AD were Danish Vikings and then traveled to and used Milford Haven for winter shelter? Alternately, considering Wizo, the Flemish warlord, my Picton ancestors could as likely have been Flemings and came into Pembrokeshire, Wales with Wizo, the Flemish warlord.


R-FGC10252/15353475, age1350 AD(1120AD-1555AD)

FGC10259, FGC10260, FGC10264,

23410034/FGC10266, 23472658/(FGC10267), FGC10268, and FGC23129/ 23049321

The following five paragraphs are quotes from Brian Swann:

"There are 8 equivalent SNPs between Owen and David Picton’s line and all other Picton lines, which is not that surprising – and really depends when SNP FGC23122 diverged from SNP FGC10252.

If you reckon on Iain Macdonald’s calculations of about 82 years per SNP change, this could represent 82 x 7 = 574 years back to FGC10252 – which is now the ancestral SNP for all bearers of the Picton surname from Wales.

If you take 574 away from the date of David Picton’s birth (1965) [as you both have to share these SNPs in common for FTDNA to have assigned them to you both] - that gets us to 1391, which given all the uncertainties involved in such dating calculations is not bad, and fits in with a branch point of slightly earlier than the 1434 date I usually employ – which will depend on when Jenkin Picton of Newport, Pembrokeshire, fl. 1434, had his four sons. Our working hypothesis is Owen and David’s line descends from the eldest son, John Picton, and all the rest descend from a younger son and Sir Thomas Picton’s line descends from a third son.

R1b-M269 (21881) > L23 (21778) > L51 (21085) > P310 (20963) > L151 (20958) > U106 (5156) > Z2265 (5149) > BY30097 (5124) > FTT8 (4352) > Z381 (4183) > Z301 (3088) > L48 (2473) > L47 (476) > FGC8034 (136) > L44 (131) > FGC6185 (128) > L163 (123) > L46 (78) > L45 (60) > L493 (36) > FGC10248 (21) > FGC10249 (15) > M8341 (9) > FGC10247 (8) > FGC10245 (5) > FGC10252 (4) [Results as of 25 May 2022 for Owen S. Picton and David D. Picton]. The number in black adjacent to the named SNP on the right is the number of branch points identified to date below that SNP.

This shows how we can split all the Picton families in Pembrokeshire into different genetic descent trees"


R-FGC10255, age1900 AD(1764AD-15965AD) FGC10258, FGC10265,

FGC10250, FGC10254, FGC10257, FGC86938, FT438415

(Picton of Whitechurch)Owen Picton-N20541 family (Location Wales)-

R-BY84049, 2987950

(Picton of Whitechurch)David Picton-971365 family (Location Wales)-

For both R-FGC10255 and below R-FGC23122 are different Picton branches


Brian Swann states for R-FGC23122: "we have no paper trails back before about 1730 to 1760 "

R-FGC23122, age1600 AD(1419AD-1746AD) 15962102, 15038711, 13816165,

6005496, 10217473,10963808, 10981075, 12299603, 15959584, 21193444

(Picton of Burton & Freystrop)-113151-Picton Family-has unique non-matching

variants 6005496, 10217473 (Location Wales)


R-FT15348, age1650 AD(1443AD-1771AD)

(Picton of Cosheston)-127485-Picton family

(Picton of Llandisilio)-127483-Picton family

L493>FGC10248>FGC10249>M8341>FGC10247>FGC10245>FGC10252> FGC23122>FT15348>FT57120


(Picton of Haroldston West)-163787-Picton family

L493>FGC10248>FGC10249>M8341>FGC10247>FGC10245>FGC10252> FGC23122>FT15348>FT57120>FT68051

R-FT58051, age1750 AD(1597AD-1878AD)

(Picton of Haverford West)-IN89275 -Picton family -

(Picton of Camrose & USA)-127488 -Picton family -

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