Family, Children and Grandchildren Pictures part 2

Samuel and Martha Picton Family Descendants
L. to R.:Dorothy, Allan and Lisa Tubach; Dud and Mary Syre; David, Kelly, Stephen, Rev Dianne and Owen Picton
Year 2000

Samuel and Martha Picton Family Descendants
BK: L. to R.: Dud and Mary Syre; Kelly, Stephen, Zachary, Owen, David, Cindy; Dorothy and Allan Tubach;
FT: Anna, Martha, Kathryn and Paul (rest all are Picton's)
Date August 2013

Stephen, Kelly, Rev Dianne, Owen and David Picton
at St. Johns Lutheran Church
Year 2000

Owen Picton Family
L. to R.: Kelly, Anna, Stephen, Zachary, Owen, Martha, Kathryn, David, Paul and Cindy
Date: August 2013

bk: Dud Syre, Stephen, Kelly, Rev Dianne, Dorothy Tubach,
ft: David Picton, Mary Syre, Lisa and Allan Tubach
Year 2000

Zachary Baptism by Rev. Dianne Picton
L. to R.: Rev. Dianne Picton, Zachary and Stephen Picton, Rev, Ben Bishop and Kelly Picton
Year 2002

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